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5 Reasons the Chiefs could lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Chiefs fans, the team has survived the “most difficult” part of the schedule and have come out the other side on top of the AFC West!

Next, well there is no next, right? The Kansas City Chiefs have the division locked up, right? The rest of the schedule is “easy,” that’s what the media is telling us… Hooray, crown the Kansas City Chiefs the champions of the AFC West and let’s starting for the playoff game! Start planning now for the Patriots, the Ravens, the Jets, the Titans, the Steelers, the Titans, the Dolphins or the rematch against the Colts or the Texans… The Chiefs have this division on lock down, right?!!?

Hold on a second! Yes, it is nice to look forward and hope, but this is the NFL… There is no such thing as an “easy” game.

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    We’re talking about a job where each employee is paid to come to work and get stronger and get faster, just so they can knock the crap out of another businesses employees… Anything can happen! Just ask the 2009 Denver Broncos, who watched their 6-0 season slip away from them as they ended up watching the playoffs from home… and don’t give me that nonsense about, “This Chiefs team is much better than the 2009 Broncos,” BS! There is no way to compare the two except with record… and I’m no math-whiz, but 6-0 is greater than 3-2.

    Until Commissioner Roger Goodell finally “puts flags on everybody” and renames the league the “National Flag Football League,” I stand by my statements that there are no “easy” games in the NFL…. I am not drinking ALL of your homer Kool Aid.. no thanks!

    All of that being said, I do think the Chiefs will win the AFC West… But let’s take it one step a t a time here, boys and girls… On to 5 reasons the Jacksonville Jaguars could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

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    5: Matt Cassel

    Yep… Matt Cassel still makes the list. Until Cassel shows us he can lead this team to a victory when playing from behind, he deserves to be a concern for Chiefs fans.

    Wesley Becks, The Stankoniforous Files:

    The Chiefs will lose this game for one reason and one reason only, Matt Cassel has a complete and utter brain freeze.
    4: Embarrassment/Redemption

    The Jaguars were completely annihilate by the Tennessee Titans on Monday night in week 6. Rarely, does a team get annihilated two weeks in a row.

    Terry O’Brien, Black and Teal:

    The Jaguars just lost on Monday night in the most embarrassing fashion. The greatest motivation for a professional team is embarrassment.
    3: The Unknown

    It is likely that both starting quarterback, David Garrard and backup, Trent Edwards will both miss the game against the Chiefs. Sow who starts at QB for the Jags?

    Shane Patton, Missouri Sports Blog:

    The Jaguars will most likely start Todd Bouman or Patrick Ramsey at quarterback. The Chiefs have little game film on either QB making them difficult to game plan for… Both Bouman and Ramsey are better passers than David Garrard. In his 2nd tour with the Jaguars, Bouman is already more familiar with the offense than backups Edwards and Ramsey.
    2: Sticking to the game plan

    Many Chiefs fans will argue that the Chiefs got away from their game plan late in week 6′s game against the Houston Texans, when on 3rd down and 2, the Chiefs offense faked pitch and Matt Cassel threw the ball errantly in the direction of TE Tony Moeaki.

    Russ Loede, Chiefs Gab:

    You have to stick to your guns, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, and wear out the Jags defense with them.  Charles and Jones have to be featured early and often; if so, you will take the bounce back opportunity away from a reeling visiting team this Sunday in Arrowhead.  The longer you keep them in the game, the better the chance they have at upsetting the Chiefs.  With the run game you can take the steam out of the engine a lot quicker than with the pass.  Nothing is more demoralizing to a struggling team than when you run it down their throats.
    1: Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jaguars rush game

    Just as the Houston Texans, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a formidable rushing game, ranking 6th in the NFL. Maybe the Chiefs aren’t as stout against the rush… When the face a formidable rushing opponent. Rushing will be the key for the Jaguars to win the game.

    With one of 3 backups under center, the Jags will focus on the rush all afternoon. It will be up to the Chiefs to stop the rush, while maintaining outside coverage… and refrain from biting too hard on play-action late in the game.


    While I have spoken about the myth of the “easy” game in the NFL, as a fan, I do feel more comfortable about the week 7 matchup against the Jaguars than any other game the Chiefs have played in 2010.

    That’s pretty strange to say about a team who comes to Arrowhead Stadium only 1/2 a game behind the Chiefs in the standings… If they win, the Jags’ record will be better than the Chiefs… All of that being said, the Jaguars will most likely be led by their #3 or #4 option at quarterback and they are coming off a devastating loss at the hands of the Titans. It is tough to be confident in a team without a quarterback… From both a player and a fan perspective.

    Las Vegas has finally released the line for the game. The Chiefs are favored heavily, at 9 points, the 3rd biggest favorite in week 7.

    Kansas City Chiefs 24 – Jacksonville Jaguars 17

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    • Sorry, for the late post… I got a serious case of writer’s block last night and this morning.

    • I imagine it would have been difficult to come up with five ways in which the Jaguars beat the Chiefs. You might have to make things up for the Buffalo game.

    • It was difficult, but I think all points are legit… Some Jags bloggers turned down my offer for a quote and a link… It was the 1st time since I’ve been doing the “5 Reasons” posts.

      Buffalo will be tough… Although, I do like the spark that Ryan Fitzpatrick brings to the game each week.

    • I am predicting a Chiefs blowout but the Jaguars certainly could win. They did beat the Colts three weeks ago. When I think about how the Chiefs will blowout the Jags, I struggle think about how they will but I think it will be a lot like the NIners game.

    • I find it very hard to believe that Todd Bouman or Patrick Ramsey will be hard to gameplan for. This is probably the biggest stretch of all of these points. If the lack of film really made that big of a difference then teams all over the league would be starting random FA QB’s week in and week out. I understand the point, but to me it just isn’t true. If Bouman and Ramsey were that much better of passers, then Garrard wouldn’t be starting.

    • @Andy – Very true, but also, every year there is at least one QB that comes out of nowhere and wins a game for his team. That was my main thought process on that point… I just hope that guy doesn’t come from nowhere to beat the Chiefs in 2010.

    • @ChiefsCommand much appreciate the traffic you’ve pushed my way. next weeks why the #chiefs will lose=tough to believe.

    • @ChiefsCommand “National Flag Football League” = instant classic

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