5 Reasons the Buffalo Bills could beat the KC Chiefs


Yes, I understand “ummm” is not exactly literary brilliance and will not inspire children to begin their own website or take an interest in writing… Not a proper way to begin any form of written communication, but in this case, it is a warranted beginning to an article with the aforementioned title.

I began this column in week 2 as the Kansas City Chiefs headed to Cleveland to face the Browns… The inaugural article in this series has been the most visited article on Chiefs Command since the site went live in August… The popularity of the article didn’t come from marshmellows stuffed with sunshine and rainbows… Obviously, the article wasn’t… It was popular because it upset Chiefs fans… I was bashed on other Chiefs websites for the article and received dozens of mean spirited emails and direct messages on Facebook and Twitter… The problem, fans never want to hear a single negative word about their team while the team is winning, and the flip-side… They never want to hear a positive word while their team is losing…

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    They questioned my intelligence, called me homophobic slurs and much more… It was entertaining more than anything else, but from those mean-spirited Chiefs fans, an idea grew from my “Idiotic Homosexual” mind… I began asking Chiefs’ opponent bloggers, other Chiefs bloggers, general NFL bloggers and sports personalities for their input as to why the Chiefs could lose their upcoming game.

    This way, I figured, the people who are true fans of the Chiefs opponents’ teams could give me their optimistic views on the game and other Chiefs writers could express their concerns about the game as well… Until week 8, this method has been a fantastic success…

    This week, however, I sent out TRIPLE the contacts as normal for this article. I’m not going to call anyone out by name, but I contacted most of the Chiefs blogs that appear ahead of Chiefs Command in Google search results – You know them, the blogs that always blow sunshine and rainbows – and I didn’t get a single reply from them!! I also contacted Kansas City radio personalities.*

    From Buffalo, one blogger replied that they “don’t know much about the Chiefs,” another told me he “doesn’t care.” Wow, those blogs must be a couple great reads for Bills fans… I also contacted numerous sports talk personalities in Buffalo… Only one brave blogger agreed to step forward to put his name and his thoughts to the Week 8: 5 Reasons article.

    As fellow Chiefs Command blogger, Joshua Simpson said in reply to the 5 Reasons: Jaguars article, I “might have to make things up for the Buffalo game…”

    *Note: I did not seek input from any Chiefs bloggers, writers or KC personalities who have previously participated in this column.

    Thanks to:

    On to 5 Reasons the Buffalo Bills could beat the KC Chiefs

    5: I still want to see Matt Cassel win a game for the Chiefs

    Ya, Ya… Matt Cassel has probably proven his way off this list… But rather than taking Joshua Simpson’s suggestion of “making things up,” Cassel is given the unfortunate honor of finding himself on this list for at least one more week. I think every Chiefs fan still wants to see Cassel take over a game when the Chiefs are struggling as a team before they begin the process of accepting him as the most prominent person in Kansas City.

    4: The OH-fer curse…

    There’s something about playing a team without a win that bothers me. I always feel as if the first win “must come sometime.” Even though the Detriot Lions went winless in 2008, I still get that feeling. A winless team is MUCH more dangerous than a one win team…

    3: Pass to open up the run

    Under Ryan Fitzpatrick as starting QB, the Buffalo Bills are averaging 122.5 yards per game on the ground… If extended out for the full season (to include the first two games), that would be, surprisingly, good enough for the 11th best rushing game in the NFL, better than both the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, two teams with a run-first approach.

    Paul Miller of BuffaLowDown.com:

    Now that the Bills finally have a passing game, this will open up theinside allowing Fred Jackson and the dynamic C.J Spiller to run wild.
    Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills

    Chan Gailey, out for revenge against Todd Haley?

    2: The revenge of Chan Gailey

    We all remember how Todd Haley fired Chan Gailey 13 days before the start of the 2009 season… I don’t about you, but I would have put this game in the front of my mind from the the moment I joined the Bills. Revenge is a powerful motivator… and I expect nothing less coming from the Buffalo Bills sideline on Sunday.

    1: Ryan Fitzpatrick

    If the Bills have any chance to win against the Chiefs on Sunday, it will be because of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Since taking the starting job from Trent Edwards in week 3, Fitzpatrick has been amazing. Fitz ranks 2nd in the NFL with a 102.2 quarterback rating, next to only Peyton Manning.

    In week 7, Fitzpatrick moved the ball all over the field against the “stout” Baltimore Ravens defense. The Chiefs pass D, must be prepared in week 8.


    The Chiefs are better than the Bills in every aspect of the game. The Chiefs run the ball. The Bills stink against the run. The Chiefs passing is starting to warm up. The Bills allow 2 passing TDs per game.

    I can’t figure out yet how the Chiefs will win, or by how much, but the Chiefs will win….

    Best guess:

    Kansas City Chiefs 31 – Buffalo Bills 24

    What do you think?

    Ok, I think I did it… It was difficult, but I think I found 5 reasons for Chiefs fans to feel a little uneasy in week 8… Let me know what you think with a comment below!

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    • I don’t know how, but you did it Travis.

    • Thanks for the moral support… I’m sure the bashing will be coming soon…. So, did I “do it” or are any of the reasons complete BS?

    • Well done! Keep ruffling the feathers of the dodo birds. It’s entertaining and it is working!

      I thought this game would be a pushover until the Ravens barely squeaked by Buffalo. I think the Chiefs will win but going into OT isn’t out of the question as the Ravens found out.

      It doesn’t sound like Chan Gailey is too vengeful but I am sure any NFL coach would like to beat a team that fired him.

    • Personally, I think C.J. Spiller is enough of a factor on his own. The guy is truly dynamic. If Gailey every figures out truly how to use him – and he had been advertising that the Bills were going to take him from the minute he got there – the Bills could be dangerous.

      My only thing in this game. Buffalo already had their “surprise” game by nearly beating Baltimore last week. That’s the “beat the team that takes us lightly” game. Now that they put up that big of a game, I’m pretty sure they have the full attention of the Chiefs.

      That said, the Chiefs historically win a game they’re not supposed to (see Steelers, Pittsburgh last season) and lose a game they’re not supposed to (see Raiders, Oakland, also last season, as well as Browns, Cleveland and Bills, Buffalo last year).

      The Bills were the team who truly exposed the Chiefs lack of run defense before Cleveland exploited it. This team came in here and torched this defense for well more than 200 yards.

      This is not a gimme win by any semblance.

      And Travis, believe me, I know what you mean. I’m the Cassel apologist, remember?

    • So, CC has:

      The eternal optimist: Tom
      The eternal pessimist: Travis… I’m not really…
      President of the Ryan Lilja fan club (KC Chapter): Nick
      Chief Cassel apologist: Jason

    • @ChiefsCommand Nice!

    • I’m not really a Cassel apologist. I just don’t think he’s as bad as “conventional wisdom” says he is. I admitted during the Cleveland game that his first half was awful – even though his second half wasn’t that bad.

      Besides, dude’s got a 91.5 quarterback rating. That ain’t bad for 6 games.

    • @Jason – I agree… Also, he has a 109 QB Rating over the last 4 games… Best in the NFL!

    • Shhh. He sucks and the Chiefs would be better off with Brodie Croyle.

    • I truly was going to take him off this list this week, but I honestly could not think of a5th reason…

    • @Travis: As much as Cassel has seemingly improved, he should be on the list this week. Last year’s game vs. Buffalo, he had 4 INT’s. He lost that game for the Chiefs last year. It should be different this time.

    • What else lost that game last year was the defense giving up more than 200 yards of rushing offense.

    • Ryan Lilja and Dexter McCluster: OUT

      I am missing Lilja already!

      I thought he would play…

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