NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

5 Reasons the Chicago Bears could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Week 12′s matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers was a much different game for the Kansas City Chiefs than I expected. The Chiefs lost – as expected, but I did not believe this game would be half as close as the final 13-9 score.

Was it Tyler Palko’s four turnovers that lost the game for the Chiefs? Simple answer – Yes. The Chiefs defense played lights out, and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel had his defense ready to go. Rookie, Justin Houston, is getting over the rookie hump and beginning to conquer the vast differences between the collegiate game and the NFL, starting to play very well opposite Tamba Hali.

Dwayne Bowe has apparently reverted to his old ways, failing to make an attempt to catch the final pass thrown by Tyler Palko. Could Bowe have caught the pass? Most likely not, but the complete lack of effort regenerated past thoughts from fans that Bowe may not have a full commitment to the game of football for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In my opinion, Bowe should not receive a contract extension from the Chiefs, which is a hot topic amongst Chiefs fans and commentators. The Chiefs should use the franchise tag on Bowe, making him the third highest paid WR in 2012. There are simply too many questions about Bowe’s commitment to the Chiefs to give him a big money, long-term contract.

On to the reasons the Bears could beat the Chiefs…


Tyler Palko… Sigh…

I am seriously hoping Todd Haley is “messing” with us. Haley has said Palko will be starting on Sunday in Chicago.

I have been a HUGE supporter of Todd Haley, but I will quickly switch sides if Palko starts the game and the Chiefs lose the game. I am completely dumbfounded as to why Haley would start Palko over Kyle Orton. Palko has committed seven turnovers in two starts since the Chiefs lost Matt Cassel to injury.

Matt Forte: The Best All-Around Back in the League

Forte has whined a bit this year about being overused… Boo-hoo!

That being said, Forte can do everything required from an NFL running back: run up the gut, run to the edges, block and catch passes… Even seen well down field on many routes.

The Chiefs defense allows 133.7 yards per game on the ground. If the Chiefs cannot stop the run, they will have no shot at winning this game.

Bears D – Tough as Ever

In pre-season, many analysts and experts didn’t like the Bears D overall… I’m not really sure why, but the D is proving those pre-season critics wrong.

The defensive unit has been healthy this season. Brian Urlacher is playing as well as ever and Big-Money defensive end, Julius Peppers is playing extremely well after a slow start to the season. Throw in LB Lance Briggs and DT Henry Melton and there’s no question why the Bears D is tough on any team.

Chiefs Rushing Game… Lack of…

I have no idea why the Chiefs don’t put one running back in the game and commit to running him. With Tyler Palko under center, the Chiefs cannot move the ball through the air… To me, picking a single running back and pounding him all day makes sense. Yes, I think Jackie Battle can be that back, but the Chiefs have proven they are stubborn in every aspect of game planning and play calling.

The Bears rank 8th in the NFL against the rush, allowing 98.6 yards per game… Expect that number to get smaller following week 13.

Devin Hester: Hall of Famer?

Memo to the Kansas City Chiefs: Do NOT kick to Devin Hester!

I fear the egos of the KC coaching staff may get in the way on special teams. The Chiefs are not good enough on kick coverage to stop Hester.


My Chiefs @ Bears Prediction

With the spread currently at Bears -7, I think the Chiefs cover the spread, but do not win the game.

Kansas City Chiefs 17 – Chicago Bears 20

17 points from the Chiefs sounds high, but I expect fans will see Kyle Orton for the first time in a Chiefs uniform.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • I don’t think Bowe should be demonized for that play. I think he made a mistake reading the ball and jumped early because, when the ball went to the defender, Bowe was in the air. He just made a bad play and couldn’t have touched that ball because that would involve moving the other way while in the air. He can’t fly.

    If Cris Collinsworth doesn’t go on that rant, this is a nothing. He should have been ranting about the throw by Palko being ill-advised because Bowe was in the area of 4 defenders. That means someone else was open. That is the real crime. I will blame the guy that should never play for the Chiefs again, not one of the ten best wideouts in the game.

    Palko better not be playing tomorrow. If he does, do you fire Todd Haley? I think if it s a team directive to start Orton and Haley doesn’t do it, then, yes, you fire him and I would think that would be the case because they spent actual money to bring Orton in. I don’t think they brought him in to be a back-up.

  • @Joshua I went back and looked at that pass to Bowe, you were right, not only was 1 player wide open but 2. Unfortunately I don’t blame Pittsburgh for not covering Leonard Pope. The other player open was Baldwin.

  • Does anyone besides me think playing qb at the KC is a hard job? Trent Green had 2 season at 92.6 95.6 Passer Rating 2nd to him is Matt Cassel last year who had 93.0 after he threw 4 INT the last game against the Raiders.
    Palko has been sacked or knocked down 17 times in 2 games, trust me I am not a Palko supporter but I don’t think Orton will do well with this kind of pressure either, unless he drank the Tebow Koolaid before coming to the Chiefs.

  • @Brian What you are saying is that any quarterback will have trouble playing for the Chiefs. Because the conditions are the same for every qb who plays the Chiefs. That is why I think that Orton was the better play against the Bears. Orton is the better quarterback. You are saying that no quarterback can succeed with the current Chiefs team. I think that a better quarterback will use the few opportunities he is allowed to convert and score. Orton would have made the Chiefs better. We didn’t get the chance to see that happen.

    The fact that Haley put Orton in admitted defeat and then they somehow won, mostly thanks to the KC defense and the fact that DJ took out Matt Forte. Starting Palko was a non-starter and a failure. Todd Haley is crazy as a fox but he will be fired soon all the same.

  • Yep thats what i am saying and seeing in stats no Chiefs Qb has had great success in the last 20 years. Unless you seeing something I am not. I do think Orton is better then Palko just don’t think he is going to be the superstar to spark the offense.

    Win is a Win!!

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