5 Reasons the Green Bay Packers will beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Week 14 saw turmoil once again for Kansas City Chiefs fans. A devastating blow out 37-10 loss at the hands of the New York Jets turned into the firing of head coach Todd Haley, leaving defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel in charge of the team.

In a refreshing change from the norm coming out of Arrowhead Stadium, Romeo Crennel announced early in the week that, if healthy, Kyle Orton would start at running back for the Chiefs, otherwise rookie Ricky Stanzi would get the start.

Another bright spot, Romeo didn’t play games with fans, media or the Green Bay Packers. Crennel was straight-up, stating that the Packers wouldn’t be afraid of any of the options at quarterback for the Chiefs. It’s nice to hear a realistic comment come from the Chiefs for once… The last time… Probably Marty Schottenheimer.

I want to thank all the Packers writers and sports personalities who game input for this article. That being said, I got stared very early asking for quotes…. Needless to say, all of the quotes are old and involve Todd Haley and Tyler Palko, neither of which will be part of this game.

On to the reasons the Packers will beat the Chiefs…


Aaron Rodgers

If you are a Chiefs fan, and not a NFL fan, and will be getting your first glimpse of Aaron Rodgers in 2011, be prepared to be amazed. The lowest point total put up by the Packers on the season is 24, and the team has scored more than 40 points on five occasions.

Perfect Season

The Packers currently sit at 13-0 and have made it known they intend to shoot for 16-0 in the regular season, on the way to a perfect 19-0 with a Super Bowl win.

This means full effort throughout the game. There is no “trap game” for the Packers. Sure, with a lead in the second half, the Packers will likely rest their studs, but victory is the goal.

Romeo Crennel… The Unknown

I am very interested to see the changes in week 15. Crennel has stated that Bill Muir will call the plays, and relay them through QB coach Jim Zorn. Crennel will maintain duties as defensive coordinator.

With Todd Haley as head coach, fans and media wondered who was really behind the play-calling. Many, including myself, believe Haley was actually calling plays.

I am most interested to see down-field passes, how/if the running game is reestablished with dedication and the use of Dexter McCluster. If the Chiefs pound the run game with Jackie Battle and Thomas Jones and limit Dexter McCluster’s time on the field, fans will finally know that Todd Haley was, in fact, calling the offensive plays in 2011.

Packers Running Game

No, that is not an oxymoron. Yes, I know the Packers have not had a 100-yard rusher in 2011. All of that realized, as mentioned previously, the Pakcers are likely to rest their stars in the second half if they have a sizable lead. This means a turning to the running game.

Running back James Starks is expected to miss Sunday’s game, but Ryan Grant seemed to find a resurgence on week 13 against the Raiders, rushing 10 times for 85 yards. An early establishment of the running game could open up the deep ball even more for the passing game.

New Ownership

The Green Bay Packers recently held a stock offering to raise funds for stadium improvements. The Packers want to impress their new owners!


My Packers @ Chiefs Prediction

With the spread currently at Packers -13 1/2, I do not think the Chiefs have a shot to cover the spread.

Kansas City Chiefs 27 – Green Bay Packers 49

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • It must be a nice commodity to be able to pass to set up the run. I agree the spread even looks out of reach, however the weather may play a factor.

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