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5 Reasons the Lions could Beat the Chiefs

Doomsday has arrived in Kansas City, the Chiefs dropped their 2o11 season opener to the Buffalo Bills 41-7. Once optimistic, Kansas City sports personalities and fans alike have begun revising their pre-season predictions of 10 wins for the Chiefs, some dropping as low as 4 wins on the season.

Those who had picked the Chiefs to win the division are now predicting a last place finish. Those who had picked the Chiefs to win 6 or 7 games are now predicting the #1 overall pick for the Chiefs in the 2012 draft.

See people, this is what happens when you do not/refuse to look at the upcoming season objectively. I projected 8-8 for the Chiefs in the pre-season… and, for now, I am sticking to that prediction.

The Buffalo Bills game is in the past, thankfully… Now the true test begins. The Detroit Lions are a much tougher team than the Bills…

5 Reasons the Detroit Lions could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

In no particular order…

Matt Cassel

In week 1, I told you Matt Cassel would have difficulty throwing the ball down field and that, alone, was the reason he made my list. My prediction proved to be right, as Cassel completed 22 passes for 119 yards… If anything says “inability to throw down field,” it is a 5.4 yards per completion average.

In week 2, Cassel returns to the list for his inability to take control of the offense and his inability to lead the team to a win… In the 3rd quarter of week 1, the Chiefs had the ball, down by 14 points… Instead, the game became a blow-out.

Calivn Johnson

Can we, as Chiefs fans, stop talking about how great our “young corners” are? Brandon Flowers and Brandon Car were both eaten up by Stevie Johnson and the entire Buffalo receiving corp in week 1.

Calvin Johnson is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and will the the toughest single matchup either Flowers of Carr have ever faced.

Ndamukong Suh… and the Lions D-Line

If you do not know about Suh, you will find out soon, the 2nd year defensive tackle from Nebraska is already considered one of the best defensive linemen in the game.

In an interview with Danny Parkins, on 610 Sports, Detroit Lions color analyst and former Michigan State offensive lineman, Jim Brandstatter told Chiefs fans that Suh frequently draws double-teams from the o-line, with a running back assisting as well… That’s three players assigned to “handle” Suh. With these double and triple teams, watch for Kyle Van der Bosch, along with Suh, to make plays in the back-field.

No Eric Berry… Safety mis-matches

We already discussed Calvin Johnson, but with Sabby Piscitelli and John McGraw roaming the Chiefs defensive backfield, the Chiefs may now have the slowest safeties in the NFL. Throw tight end Tony Scheffler, who is more of a hybrib TE/WR, TE Brandon Pettigrew, wide reciever Nate Burleson and rookie speedster WR Titus Young… The entire Chiefs secondary could come out looking like burnt toast.

Matthew Stafford

In week 1, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Matt Stafford threw for 305 yards and 3 touchdowns. I his 3rd NFL season, Stafford is beginning to become a very solid quarterback.

From Ross Husson of SideLionReport.comMatthew Stafford threw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Bucs in last week’s win.  Without star safety Eric Berry, Matthew Stafford should have no problem dissecting the Chiefs secondary.

Bonus 6th Reason: Lack of Chiefs pass rush/Detroit pass protection

From Jeremy Riesman of PrideOfDetroit.com and DetroitOnLion.comI would say my #1 reason the Lions will beat the Chiefs is the lack of a KC pass rush combined with Eric Berry’s injury.  KC only got to Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills once and had little to no pressure for the rest of the game.  Stafford should get all day to pass (especially considering they have the best pass protection according to some metrics).  Stafford with time is a dangerous thing.

My Prediction

With the line currently at +7 1/2, against the Chiefs following the weak week 1 performance and the loss of Eric Berry, my pre-season projection for this game seems to be coming more and more likely.

Detroit Lions 27 – Kansas City Chiefs 20

What is your prediction?

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