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5 Reasons the Chargers could beat the Chiefs

Two miserable weeks down and fourteen more miserable weeks to go in the Kansas City Chiefs season… Yes, smart ass… I know there is a bye-week in there, but the game isn’t played on a bye-week, so fourteen more weeks to go.

Even after these two horrendous games, it still amazes me how Kiss Ass some of these other Chiefs blogs are with their posts. Maybe they’re worried about upsetting the Chiefs, maybe they’re afraid of losing readers. Newsflash! That is already happening! Chiefs blogs’ readership is down across the board! Most fans are fair-weather, yes, even you “life-long Chiefs fan!”

I do not want to put too much more time into the past games, but it looks as if I am beginning to become the optimist on Chiefs Command… That’s strange! In the pre-season, I picked the Chiefs to finish 8-8 and I still haven’t fallen completely off that prediction. With a win in San Diego on Sunday, the Chiefs are right on track with my prediction.

This Chiefs team is not as bad as the “Suck for Luck” or “14 games for 15 years” campaigns rolling around the AM airwaves, blogs, Twitter and Facebook recently, but anyone who saw the Kansas City Chiefs finishing with 10 or 11 wins in the pre-season were simply looking at the season with their Rose-Colored Homer Glasses on.

On a side note: I want to thank Mike North and Lincoln Kennedy of Fox Sports Radio, and the caller from Kansas City last night. North made the point that I have made repeatedly, Andrew Luck or any top-rated college QB, comes with absolutely ZERO guarantee in the NFL and the pressure of being the team “savior” alone can completely ruin a player as a player in the NFL. Kennedy brought up the other side, if a player is to “tank,” he will not be respected by his teammates, peers or anyone else in the NFL who may have a say in giving the player a contract extension or a free agent contract.

Enough of that, on to the 5 Reasons the San Diego Chargers will beat the Kansas City Chiefs:


The number of points given up to the number of points scored for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011. -79 is the largest point differential in the NFL (2nd Colts -35). 89 points is the largest allowed (2nd Colts/Dolphins 61). 10 points is the least scored in the NFL (2nd Jaguars 19).

The worst offense, the worst defense, the lowest level of team effort.

Bill Muir… Play calling?

Weeks ago, I mentioned my concerns with having an offensive line coach call the plays for the Chiefs, remembering the Mike Solari disaster in 2006-07.

Multiple fans, bloggers and sports media told me it couldn’t be that bad… I think 10 points and the 30th ranked offense (240 yards per game) tells another story.

Philip Rivers: Chargers passing game

I hate putting Rivers on this list every single time the Chiefs and Chargers match-up, but no matter how much I think of Rivers as a whiny lil’ bitch, he is a great QB, one of the top 5 in the NFL, in my mind.

Just as with the Detroit Lions, the Chiefs secondary will have their hand full with big WRs and TEs matching up against slow safteys.

Oh ya, why the hell does everyone love Brandon Flowers? I see him play, I see him getting burned all day. He has NEVER been able to shut down a top NFL WR. Vincent Jackson is not necessarily a top NFL WR, but he is a very good one.

Remind me, why couldn’t the Chiefs go after Nnamdi Asomugha? Asomugha: 5 years $60 million/$25 million guaranteed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Brandon Flowers: 5 years $50 million/22 million guaranteed with his extension with the Chiefs.

From Ernie Padaon of BoltBeat.comChiefs do not have enough offensive firepower to hang with the Bolts offense.

Plain, simple… and true…


There are two things I hate hearing as excuses for a team’s loss: 1) The refs – That’s a lazy analysis 2) Injuries – Every team has them, another lazy analysis.

Since I am giving five reasons the Chiefs will lose and the Chiefs have now lost a player each of the last three weeks to a torn ACL, injuries bear worth mentioning. Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles… No more players out-for-the-season, please!


While I don’t think a player would intentionally give up on a game or give up on a season, as a whole, the Chiefs appear to check-out once they fall behind by two+ scores.

I have seen it in every aspect of the game. Defensive players not swarming to the ball, offensive linemen not making an effort to catch up to the rusher when they are initially beat, receivers slowing on routes across the middle… Everything!

Where’s Cassel?

You may be asking, “where is Matt Cassel on this list?” Your question is warranted. I simply believe 252 passing yards in two games lends to ask further questions. Put Matt at #6 on this list for week 3, if you like.

My Prediction

Currently, the betting line on this game is Chargers -14 1/2 and the over/under is 44 1/2. I like the Chargers to win the game, but I wonder, can the Chiefs really be blown out in three straight games?

San Diego Chargers 34 – Kansas City Chiefs 21

Practically a blow-out, but not completely!

You Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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