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5 Reasons the Cardinals could beat the Chiefs

To be quite honest, I haven’t followed the Kansas City Chiefs much this past week.

Yes, I heard the talk about Todd Haley refusing to shake Josh McDaniels‘ hand and if you’re curious, no I don’t care.

This is the real world, not children playing a game on Saturday afternoon. This is a billion dollar industry; I could care less who is friendly to others and who isn’t. Also, for the record, I love it when a team “runs up the score” on another team. If  a coach doesn’t like it… Stop them. It’s that simple.

The reason I haven’t followed the Chiefs much is because I didn’t want to listen to the Matt Cassel love-affair which I am sure went on across the internet and sports talk radio. I am sure it took place because on three different occasions a stranger said to me, “Matt Cassel looked great, even though…”

I don’t care about Matt Cassel’s stats from the game against the Denver Broncos. Football is NOT a game of stats. It is a game of wins and losses, big hits, big plays and game-changing play-makers.

Once up 35-0, the Broncos put it on defensive cruise control… I could have made plays all day against that soft defense. If anything, Todd Haley should have thanked Josh McDaniels for letting up defensively so the Chiefs could make the final score appear a little more respectable.

I began looking towards week 11 in the 2nd quarter of week 10.

5 reason the Arizona Cardinals could beat the Kansas City Chiefs:

5: Matt Cassel

Ya, ya, again I know… Matt Cassel threw for more than 450 yards and 4 TDs last week… But that was against a defense who was practically given the week off due to the the Broncos early game offensive output. As I said before, stats mean nothing in the NFL… It’s about the wins and play-makers. Show me you have it, Matty.

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    4: Larry Fitzgerald

    Big-play receivers have been a killer for the Chiefs all season… Well, big-play receivers and rookie Jacoby Ford. Brandon Flowers will be tested again, and again we will be given reasons he should not be included in the conversation with the upper-echelon corner backs.

    3: Offensive/Defensive Coordination

    It seems without fail, each week either the offensive or defensive play-calling lets fans down… Who will it be in week 11, Romeo Crennel or Charlie Weis?

    2: Confidence

    Maybe the Chiefs haven’t lost confidence in themselves, but many fans have. This team is NOT playing well right now and it’s naive to believe it is not affecting the confidence of some players about their abilities and both offensive and defensive play-callling. The Chiefs have not played a complete half of football since the second half of the Jacksonville Jaguars game in week 7 and have not played a complete game since week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers.

    1: The “Blueprint?”

    Has the blueprint been drawn up on how to beat the Chiefs? Fans heard a lot about the possibility following the Oakland Raiders game in week 9: Stack 8 in the box to stop the run, make Matt Cassel beat you through the air, run the ball up the gut because the Chiefs aren’t as good as the stats say, and throw the ball deep because the Chiefs really aren’t that fast in the secondary.

    The Broncos did all of this in week 10… The only difference, Matt Cassel finally moved the ball once the game had been lost.


    After saying all of that… The Chiefs are EXPECTED to win this game by fans and experts. The sky has not yet fallen in Kansas City, but if Arizona applies “the blueprint” and are successful, then the sky may in fact have fallen in Kansas City.

    Kansas City Chiefs 31 – Arizona Cardinals 24

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    • I also think the Chiefs win this game this week. That said, if they lose this game, season’s done. Playoffs are done. It’s over. This is one the Chiefs HAVE to get.

    • If the Chiefs lose this one, heads should roll. I don’t think this is a must-win game but I will not take this team seriously for the remainder of the year if they lose. I think the Chiefs win but I thought that last week as well.

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