Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Chiefs 2010

5 Reasons the Buffalo Bills could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

It’s good to be back in football mode and it’s time to find out if the Kansas City Chiefs are for real, or if 2010 was a fluke. I like the direction the Chiefs are headed in and I believe in the Scott Pioli and Todd Haley regime/philosophy.

With the disclaimer out of the way, I do, however, believe the Chiefs will progress in 2011 as a team, yet take a step back in the win/loss department. I am sticking to my pre-season prediction of 8-8 but definitely think the Chiefs get their first win in the season opener. Check out my schedule rundown.

Although I believe the Chiefs win the game, here are 5 things that worry me about the Buffalo Bills:

Ryan Fitzpatrick

The national sports media may still believe the Bills need a new starting quarterback, but Chan Gailey and the Bills believe they have found their man. It was Fitzpatrick who kept the Bills in a ton of close games in 2010, and while it is true that good teams win the close games… Not lose them, Fitzpatrick has proven to me he deserves to be a NFL starting QB.

I’m betting Cincinnati Bengals fans wish they still had him on their roster right now!

Return of the Fumblies?

One of the knocks on Jamaal Charles has been his propensity and susceptibility to the fumble. Charles lost the handle twice in the pre-season finale against the Green Bay Packers. Hope this isn’t a trend.

Chiefs Pre-Season Performance

Many, if not most, Chiefs fans and analysts have questioned Todd Haley’s approach to the pre-season. The Chiefs did not seem to have a single ounce of effort put into pre-seaon matchups. Haley appeared to desire the slow building of player stamina, playing starters deep into the 4th quarter of the final pre-season game. QB Matt Cassel sustained an injury to his ribs in the 2nd quarter and TE Tony Moeaki was lost for the season in the 4th quarter of the game.

Will this team be prepared for a real game?

Matt Cassel

Yes, I know he has been on this list since its inception of this column early in the 2010 season, but this time it is not for his leadership, abilities, or anything else negative about him. The Chiefs injury report lists Matt Cassel as a full participant in practice on Wednesday and Thursday. It appears Matt Cassel will play through the injury to his ribs. This is great news! The rib injury will, however, limit his ability to throw the deep ball, allowing the Bills to focus more on short and intermediate pass routes.

Importance/Pressure of the Game

Yes, these are professional athletes. I know that, but with the tough schedule facing the Chiefs in 2011, a quick start against a lesser opponent is absolutely essential if the Chiefs are to make a run at repeating as AFC West Champs. In 2010, the unlikely week 1 win over the San Diego Chargers immediately vaulted the Chiefs into the conversation as potential division Champs. A loss on Sunday could quickly eliminate the Chiefs as division contenders in the mind of many fans.

My Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs 21 – Buffalo Bills 17

What is your prediction?

Tell me in the comments area below.

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  • Nice article – the Chiefs should be worried. The Bills are not the team they were. I think you got the Chiefs score right at 21, but the Bills win by scoring 28.

  • Chuck, I hope you’re wrong… The Chiefs absolutely cannot afford to lose this one at home. Other than week 1 in 2011, I will be rooting for the Bills. I really like watching Ryan Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson play. I am surprised, however, that the Bills dealt Lee Evans.

  • I would have listed the Bills improved defense in your 5 reasons. Shawne Merriman has looked “Lights Out” and when he has played in the preseason the Bills defense has looked very good. The Chiefs will get their yards on the ground, but won’t run wild like last year. So, I expect a lower scoring game, especially with Moeaki out. Say 17-13 Bills.

  • I think the bills are vastly improved from a year ago on defense which will hold the chiefs scoring to a minimum. The offense on the other hand showed little to nothing in the preseason and with the loss of lee Evans on offense and no proven leadership outside of Fitzpatrick things are looking bleak. I will give the Chiefs the edge because of a poor buffalo offense and home field advantage. Chiefs 16 Buffalo 9. This I feel will be a kickers game. This hurts coming from a die hard Buffalo fan but I cant overlook the bills many flaws.

  • I understand the excitement around Shawne Merriman, but I always take a wait-and-see approach when a LB joins a new team.

    For some reason, to me, it seems that more than any other defensive position, LBs go to a new team, then under-perform expectations.

  • I agree with your Merriman point, Travis. The Buffalo D-line needs to be effective for Merriman to be effective as well. Fitzpatrick is an impressive QB who can take advantage of the weapons he has. I think Matt Cassel is better with better weapons but it’s very possible that we could see RFitz outperforming Cassel today.

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