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5 Reasons the Denver Broncos could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Controlling your own destiny is a sweet, simple concept in sports. Do not lose and you are in the playoffs. Lose and, well, someone else could steal your seat.

The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in this situation with only five games remaining in the 2010 season. The Chiefs are set to face: Broncos, Chargers, Rams, Titans, Raiders; respectively. The most important of these games is the week 14 matchup against the Chargers in San Diego, but we will talk more about that next week.

In week 13, the Kansas City Chiefs are home against my personal most hated team in the NFL, the Denver Broncos, a team who embarrassed the Chiefs 49-29 in week 10. If you watched that game, it felt more like 70-3, with the Chiefs only moving the ball and scoring once they were blown out… in the 2nd quarter.

Only three weeks later, the Kansas City sports scene is telling fans there is NO WAY the Chiefs can lose to the Denver Broncos for a second time, especially with the game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City… My friends, this is far from the truth…

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    5 Reasons the Broncos could beat the Chiefs:

    5: Matt Cassel

    While Matt Cassel escaped this list in week 12 against the Seattle Seahawks, he makes a not-so-triumphant return in week 13. Yes, I know Matt threw for 469 yards and 4 TDs in week 10 against the Broncos and he has been nothing short of amazing since, however, let us not forget, Matt Cassel was a contributing factor to the blowout in Denver with his fumble returned for a TD in the 2nd quarter.

    I’ve said it all year, I want to see Matt Cassel win a game for the Chiefs. It’s never about “how did Matt play,” it’s about “how WILL Matt play?”

    Let us hope he forgets the previous game against Denver completely… I don’t even wanting him reliving the 469 yards and 4 TDs… It is all irrelevant, and reminiscing can only give a false sense of security.

    4: Champ Bailey

    I said it in week 10 and I will say it again… Champ Bailey is one of the best in the NFL… Still!

    “Dude, Matt Cassel threw for 469 yards and 4 TDs the last time the Chiefs played the Broncos and Dwayne Bowe caught 13 balls for 186 yards and 2 TDS!!!”

    If that is your response to Champ Bailey making this list once again, my reply to you is, “I could have thrown for 300 yards and 3 TDs with that soft defense played by the Broncos once they were up 35-0!”

    3: Play-Action

    As Romeo Crennel said in post-practice interviews, the Broncos ran well against the Chiefs and the play-action pass absolutely killed the Chiefs early. It will be interesting to see if the Chiefs can make proper adjustments to counter-act the play-action against Denver in round 2.

    This part of the interview is not included in the Crennel and Weis interview on from Friday, but you may find it in the Nick Wright podcast on

    2: Post-Game Snub

    As you all know, Todd Haley refused to shake hands with Denver head coach, Josh McDaniels. What did Haley say to McDaniels? I don’t know. I’ve heard it had to do with “running up the score,” an “I’ll call you when were in the playoffs” hit and a ton of other speculative scorns.

    Also, we know Todd Haley “apologized.” Did anyone believe it was sincere? I don’t.

    Honestly, I don’t care if pro athletes and coaches shake hands and are friendly with each other and I LOVE running up the score on an inferior opponent. Sports are a profession, a business. It has nothing to do with “class.” Teams should ALWAYS try to score, and score as many points as possible.

    I’m in the Mike Ditka camp… If you don’t want the score run up against you…Stop them from scoring. It’s your job!

    All of that being said, If I were Josh McDaniels, I would be pissed beyond any belief. My team just whooped your ass, now you want to snub me/call me out? Make sure you’re ready for round 2, bitch!

    That’s my thought process…

    1: Brandon Flowers

    A second straight week without stand-out corner back Brandon Flowers will make the dangerous WR Brandon Lloyd even that more dangerous.

    Travis Daniels is set to start in Flowers’ place.


    I’m not taking the 9 point spread in favor of the Chiefs, but I do like the Chiefs to win at home. The Chiefs pass game is now legit and teams will be forced to take it seriously going forward, don’t be surprised to see the Chiefs go back to a ball-control ground game.

    Kansas City Chiefs 27 – Denver Broncos 21
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    • What?! You can’t say that about Matt Cassel! He’s the AFC Player of November!

      But seriously, he is going to have to win a game with his arm and this seems like a game where he will be able to do so and the Chiefs might need a lot of points. It’s going to be a shoot-out.

    • I think this will be a defining game for Matt Cassel. His “coming out” party if you will. Still yet to take a game by the horns and lead the Chiefs to victory. I like your 27-21 prediction.

      I think the Chiefs last 7 points come on a big Matt Cassel TD throw late in the game. This game should be great.

      Looks like this game will be a legitimate sellout as well, so Arrowhead is going to be insane this sunday. I’m looking forward to this one.

    • Nobody wants to give Cassel any credit. 22-4 TD to INT doesn’t just happen to every QB who can throw a pass. Just watching Cassel you can see he is a much better QB than last year. Weis has turned him into what we hoped we would be getting. The Seahawks were blitzing off the edges fast on numerous occasions and Cassel handled it with excellence. That would not have happened last year.

      As far as McDaniels being upset that Haley didn’t shake his hand….screw him! I could care less. Haley was the one pissed and I think it had to do with the way McDaniels was playing it late in the game…all out blitzes (oh but a soft defense?)…please! Going after players knees and crap. Those are the things that rile Haley…I don’t think the score had anything to do with it.

      Denver is going to run into a buzzsaw on Sunday and that cheater McDaniels won’t have two weeks and videotaped practices to fall back on. Get ready Broncos…the ass whooping is coming.

    • @Dave – I give Cassel all the credit in the world for being much better than last year, but I still need to see him go out and win a game for the Chiefs, he has not done that yet this season.

      Once playoffs get here, if the Chiefs make it, QB leadership and ability to take control of a game make all the difference in the world.

    • Cassel is a good young QB and going to be a great one . Ought to be a good game today but they are still the Chiefs and will suffer the AFC West choke!
      Broncos 35 Chiefs 31

    • Travis: I’ll disagree with you. Cassel won that game last week. The way he played, it opened up the running game and made Charles more effective.

      He also won the game the week before against Arizona, hitting Bowe and making the Cardinals look horrible.

      Just because he doesn’t “win it” in the final minutes doesn’t mean he didn’t win it. Hell, he marched the Chiefs on three drives in one game that could have won the game. And the third time, they did.

      I know I’m the resident “Cassel apologist,” but I’m trying to figure out what you’re meaning now by “winning a game.” Sometimes, not letting it GET to the fourth quarter offensively is a win.

      Especially considering Brady got credit for a win because Manning got picked off. But I look at it this way – Brady’s ineffectiveness late was part of why Manning got back into it.

      This week’s game is not against Cassel. This week’s game is completely about the defense and trying to get that offense stopped. Also, the running game was wretched in the first matchup.

      Even though Cassel’s playing well, at the heart of it all, this is a Marty team. “Run the ball, play good defense, don’t turn the ball over.” If they do those things, they will win – regardless of how Cassel plays. Exhibit A: Cleveland. Exhibit B: Houston.

    • Cassel basically won the Buffalo game as well but I would like to see something more substantial than that. He has had a good stretch of games without throwing more than a couple bad passes.

    • Ok, I should have said “win under pressure.” Although he led the game winning drive against Buffalo, he had 5 chances to do it.

      Glad to see Flowers in the game today, not glad that Jabar Gaffney ate his lunch for him on the first Denver pass play of the game.

    • KC almost lost it. Wasn’t much of an ass whoopin was it Dave H. I think the KC buzz saw needs new blades! Great game by the Chiefs pass defense!

    • He led three against Buffalo. The first one, Haley didn’t go for the points. The second time, Succop missed the kick. If they hit a field goal on either one of those, he doesn’t have to do it a third time.

    • Leading a drive means scoring points. No points = not leading a successful drive.

      Also, wanted to mention, I was 100% right about Champ Bailey for those who doubt he is still an elite CB.

    • Ah, OK. So kicker making kicks makes one a good quarterback. Got it. haha.

    • Score a TD, and kickers are irrelevant.

    • Well, we already have one legend in the NFL with NE ties who became a legend on the strength of a kicker.

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