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5 Reasons the Chiefs could lose to the Houston Texans


I think any Kansas City Chiefs fan would have been ecstatic if they were guaranteed to start the season 3-1, leading the AFC West… Most fans are ecstatic, some are cautiously optimistic, others have turned complete homer and cannot believe the Cheifs would lose to a “down” Indianapolis Colts team.

It’s funny how winning can affect a fan base… 3-0, great! 3-1… Someone’s head needs to roll! Todd Haley called an onside kick to start the game and went for it on 4th and 2 rather than taking the field goal, Dwayne Bowe dropped a TD pass, Ryan Succop missed a 50+ yard field goal…

Well, Chiefs fans, the Houston Texans prove to be a tough matchup in week 6 as well. This week I’ve asked for help from our friends to bring you 5 reasons the Houston Texans could beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

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    5: Matt Cassel and the Chiefs Wide Receivers

    All the way down to number 5 on this list… Matt Cassel isn’t winning games for the Chiefs, but he also isn’t losing games for the team… Therefore, I am will ing to give him a bit of a break heading into game 5.

    Russ Leode, Chiefs Gab:

    In the two losses for Houston, they have given up the big pass play. The Texans are vulnerable to strong, physical playmakers who have the gifts to break a game wide open, (ie: Roy Williams, Hakeem Nicks). The Chiefs do not possess that game-changing wide receiver. Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers just aren’t cutting it. The Houston defense does not allow as big of plays in the run department as they do in the pass department. To beat them you have to do it via the air, not the ground, and I don’t know if the Chiefs are able to do that.
    4: Texans Rush Defense

    The Texans are better than the Chiefs against the run, allowing .9 yards less per game… Ya, not much…  The Chiefs offensive strength is also the defensive strength of the Texans.

    Chess White, Texans Post:

    The Texans defense will contain the Chief’s explosive running game while pressuring Matt Cassel.
    3: Arian Foster

    It is true, they have finally found a rushing game in Houston. Who would have thought it would have been the 2nd year undrafted RB out of Tennessee? Foster is leading the NFL with 564 rushing yards and has added another 154 yards receiving.

    2: Andre Johnson

    Not fully healthy for most of 2010, it appears as if Johnson is close to being healthy. Johnson is arguably the best over-all wide receiver in the game today. He is big. He is fast. He runs tight routes. He can jump. He can block.

    Dustyn Richardson, Houston Sports and More:

    Look for the Texans to try and establish the run early and often then come back with their play action game trying to hit a big play to Andre Johnson.
    1: Brian Cushing

    Ya, the guy got busted for roids and missed the first 4 games of the season in 2010, but unless you ONLY watch Chiefs football, you already know how good this guy is.

    On Sunday, expect Tony Moeaki to be a near non-factor. While Cushing was serving his 4 game suspension, the Houston Texans were allowing an average of 9 catches and 102.5 yards per game to opposing tight ends. In the one game since his return, the New York Giants only got 48 yards out of the tight end spot.

    Moeaki has been Cassel’s favorite target so far. I am not confident he has the ability to find a new one and Brian Cushing may receive his first interception of the season.


    Houston Texans 24 – Kansas City Chiefs 17

    The Chiefs haven’t shown us they can score when they need to. I don’t see week 6 being any different. Until the Chiefs show us the offense can move the ball the length of the field when they are behind, there is no way they will be able to beat a quality NFL team.

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    • While the Texans aren’t playing sharp every game, they seem to have what it takes to go up against the Chiefs offense with their defense and their balanced attack on offense may be more than the Chiefs can handle. I think it will be close but I agree that the Chiefs are probably going to need to score points late and I can’t see them doing that yet.

      Good point about Cushing covering Moeaki. I think Tony will be a factor but can Bowe and Co. pick up the slack? The Chiefs can run but if the Texans can prevent the big play like the Colts did, the Chiefs will invariably have to pass and they will eventually hit a wall after they fail to convert on third down.

    • If nothing else, I hope the Chiefs game-plan involves some big-time attempts in the passing game.

      Eventually these guys have to try to pass the ball, right? I mean you can’t just say “oh well, that’s one loss…” when playoff time comes.

    • Here’s my prediction. The Chiefs won’t exploit the Texans defense like fans think they should in passing the football. But the blame will fall ENTIRELY on Cassel and not on the fact that – as mentioned above – the receivers suck.

      And if Cassel plays well, it’s because of the receivers making great plays – or the Texans sucking – and he’ll get no credit.

      The next win Cassel gets ANY credit for will be the first.

      Here’s a thought – maybe Charlie Weis actually DOES know this offense better than the talk-show gabbers and guys like us and is doing short passes because it will actually work. Maybe it actually was the game plan last week to NOT throw deep and may be that again this week.

      There’s a reason I’ve listened to less sports talk this football season than in others past. You get an idea in training camp, you stay on that idea. You pound that idea into the ground and beat it with a hammer over and over and over and over and over again, despite subtle clues that your idea might not be the right one. It gets old.

      I think the Chiefs can win, but this Texans defense is going to be tough because they do focus on the run. They’ve gone up against some good quarterbacks too – with both Mannings and Romo.

      It will be interesting. The Chiefs passing game isn’t the same passing game as the Raiders, Colts or Giants. Nor is it really like the Cowboys. So as far as Cassel goes, I’m not sure what to expect unless the trick plays come out. Even then, I think the D-Bowe show needs to pull his head out for there to be a chance for the Chiefs.

    • I expect it to be a tough game… IF the Chiefs can bring their game they can win it but the offense has to step up for sure. the defense I’m not worried about.

      I would like to add that fans have been calling for heads to roll even BEFORE we got our first loss especially poor Cassel’s. I think he’s getting a bad break. Is he Joe Montana? Heck no but I think he’s better than the way we’re playing the game can show and people just need to chill out and let the coaching staff do their job.

    • @Shannon4KCinTX – Welcome to Chiefs Command!

      I agree that Matt Cassel is getting a bit too much blame, and I’ve backed off myself a little in sending the blame his way.

      I’m beginning to think his style (which looks at times like incompetence) may be the game plan… not actually much fault of Cassel’s

    • “Until the Chiefs show us the offense can *more* the ball the length of the field when they are behind, there is no way they will be able to beat a quality NFL team.”

      I haven’t seen a single NFL team who can *more* the ball.

      Tell us how in the world do you do that, Travis Pflanz…

    • @Master Chief – Thanks for pointing out a keystroke error… Is that the only thing you got out of the article? Just being a troll… or do you have any relevant comments on the Chiefs @ Texans game?

    • Good stuff Travis. Should be a good game. I think it comes down to the wire. The Texans always have troubles with a 3-4 defense and this worries me. We’re going to have to run the ball to win or Schaub will get killed. Our O-Line is really struggling since losing LT Duane Brown to suspension.

    • @Dustyn – Thanks, and thanks for the help! I am, in fact considering benching Schaub in my fantasy league this week… He has been a fantasy disappointment.

      Chiefs Command Readers – Check out Dustyn’s Chiefs vs Texans – Week 6 Preview on his blog Houston Sports and More… Chiefs Command gave a little feedback… Ok, I gave some feedback for the article… Some points, I’m sure some CC writers will disagree with me greatly…

    • @Dustyn: It appears the Texans have as many concerns as the Chiefs do. AJ vs Flowers and Moeaki vs Cushing should be good match-ups. I think it comes down to the wire too. I am leaning toward the team with the better QB and WR winning. Good info.

      @Travis: I don’t think the Chiefs should be afraid to throw the ball either. Cassel is not good but Cassel shouldn’t just be a game manager. These next five weeks will be a good opportunity to throw the ball and the Chiefs shouldn’t back away from that. That is the risky, aggressive game plan I am looking for.

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