5 Adjustments that make Sense for the Kansas City Chiefs in the Off-Season

1. Resign Dwayne Bowe

Dwayne Bowe has done all he can do to prove to the Chiefs coaching staff that he belongs on the team in the future! He creates mismatches in coverages, he can make all the catches, can be a good role model and help out the younger receivers, and gives a sure bet at the #1 WR spot in the depth chart! Yes, he does drop some catches but he leads the team in touchdowns and that should make up for the drops. If he isn’t signed back or looks for other options around the league, the Chiefs offense will feel the blow tremendously!!

2. Get rid of Bill Muir

Muir is a football minded coach but is stuck in the 60′s! his idea of  ”offense” is: run, run, pass, punt and repeat! A good offensive coordinator would be creative and mix up the plays and have plays set up for certain defensive schemes. I know this would be the 4th O-Coordinator is 4 years, but it has to be done for the Chiefs to excel to the next level. besides, were all hoping for a new QB in this years draft anyway and it wouldn’t matter to the new QB if there’s a new O-Co. I think the best fit for the job could be Josh McDaniels… He’s familiar with the offense, he’s well known by the coaching staff and GM, he excelled as the Pats offensive coordinator and would most likely accept the job.

3.Find a solid #2 halfback behind Jamaal Charles

The “running back by committee” ordeal isn’t working out as expected. but, Jamaal Charles the center piece of the offense went down in week 2 and no one has stepped up and provided that spark we’ve been desperately needing!  Jackie Battle in my mind is the front-runner for the job.. but, Dexter McCluster isn’t making it an easy choice. besides the fumbles that is! which can be fixed. Sorry Thomas Jones fans, but he should be cut and retire after this season. He’s done a lot for this team and is a good team motivator and mentor but his numbers just aren’t cutting it anymore and he is slowly starting decline. What the Chiefs need is a Ben Tate to Arian Foster and I think Battle or McCluster can be that guy if they step up to the challenge.

4.  Draft a solid QB this April

It looks like there are 5 quarterbacks worth taking a shot at this year in the draft. Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, Robert Griffin III, and possibly Ryan Tannehill. Luck, is starting to look like he’ll be a Indianapolis Colt. So this leaves Barkley, Jones, and Griffin. depending on where the Chiefs draft this year will determine which QB we could get. If we draft before the Dolphins we would be front-runners on getting RG3 and in my mind he would fit our team to the T and make an immediate impact on the offense. If the Dolphins take RG3 the next QB would be either Jones or Barkley. Landry Jones in my mind is a bust waiting to happen! I’m from Oklahoma and a HUGE Sooners fan and I am certain he is to blame for the 2 loses this season. He is way to inconsistent and stares down receivers instead of looking for a 2nd option. That leaves Barkley. I haven’t seen much of his play but i’ve heard a lot of good things about him. He lacks arm-strength but that can be worked on! So if the Chiefs cannot draft Robert Griffin the next best choice would be Barkley but that would be going out on a limb and hoping for the best. If both are selected before the Chiefs are on the clock, They should trust Ricky Stanzi to develop and be a huge impact!

5.  Activate Jerrell Powe already. And play him

I want to see Powe on the field. Gregg was a great pick-up, but he is in Kansas City to help the 2011 Chiefs make a playoff run. Powe is a big guy and a freak athlete for his size! anyone remember him running down Bucs’ QB Josh Johnson from behind and crushing him under his belly in the preseason?? I do!  and I want to see more of that. If all 5 are done by the beginning of next season. and everyone is back and healthy! we’ll be ready to make a run in the playoffs and bring back the Lombardi Trophy!! – Justin Smith

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  • I suspect something is going on w/ Power that they haven’t tried him in the rotation thus far. Plus they never activate him, so that there tells you he is awhile away from starting. Rumor has it he and Crennel don’t get along, but like I said its merely a rumor.

  • 1 – I like Dwayne Bowe, but I still get the feeling he disappears after getting the big contract. We see it so often in this league with WRs and RBs. I’m not sold that Bowe possesses the integrity to play hard after he gets paid.

    2 – I don’t think the Chiefs should get rid of Muir, but definitely offer him his old job back, and nothing more than that. If he takes it, good, if not he should be gone.

    3 – I am not a fan of McCluster at all. With Charles in the backfield, he is even more useless. “Experts” keep telling us the Cheifs must put him on the field even when he doesn’t get the ball so the D doesn’t know what’s coming every time he comes onto the field. Well, if McCluster takes snaps away from Charles, this team is definitely going in the wrong direction.

    My pick – Battle.

    4 – Definitely a MUST

    5 – Agreed completely… Hopefully that will take place in 2011.

  • I know this is a long shot! but, if they decided to stick with Orton for the future and maybe draft Trent Richardson to compliment Charles.. That could be interesting. but idk if they’d pick a RB over a RT .. or LB

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