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3 Reasons the Seattle Seahawks could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

It’s after 11pm and I am just starting to write the weekly 5 Reasons column.

I apologize for ruining your Friday… At least you weren’t sitting in your cubicle at work today slowing counting away the hours until the weekend starts this week… Many of you, at least.

Week 12 is set to be an interesting one for the Kansas City Chiefs. Back on top, the Chiefs must once again prove to the fans of Kansas City and the NFL they deserve to be leading the AFC West.

“Dude, the Chiefs are way better than the Seahawks. They play in the NFC West for F*¢k’$ sake!!!”

I have been hearing comments echoing this sentiment all week. If you are THAT confident in this statement or one similar, I must say, you know much more than the Seattle Seahawks than I, or any other person in Kansas City…

To be quite honest, I don’t know much about the Seahawks at all. They haven’t played any regularly televised games in the Kansas City area and when I go to the bar or a friend’s place to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket, there are always more intriguing matchups to watch… I’m not sure if I have watched a single snap of a Seahawks game in 2010.

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    My only interest in Seattle has been a passing interest of the fantasy football variety, however, I do not own a single Seahawks player in either of my fantasy leagues.

    Yes, it is true, I have more knowledge about the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns than the Seahawks… So, rather than reach for and search for, or make up reasons, I will only give you three reasons in week 12 as to why the Seahawks could beat the Chiefs… All reasons I have previously considered.

    On to the make-shift top 3 reasons the Seahawks could beat the Chiefs…

    3: WR Depth

    I’ve been told the Seahawks have great depth at the WR position. Last weekend, I looked into it and I have to agree.

    I don’t truly believe any GM or head coach in the NFL is an absolute “idiot.”

    In the off-season, Seattle released TJ Houshmandzadeh, then later traded Deion Branch to New England. This shows me Pete Carrol is very confident in the ability of his WR corp. Ex-USC stud Mike Williams has had a re-birth with the Seahawks. While he only has 1 TD, he is on pace to surpass 1000 yards receiving. Benjamin Obomanu had been stepping up and producing the past few weeks, KC fans know about Brandon Stokley from his time in Denver and Indianapolis, and the Seahawks are set to get rookie Golden Tate back in action from an ankle injury.

    I had hoped the Chiefs would draft Tate in the second round of the 2010 draft.

    2: Earl Thomas

    Forever, Eric Berry will be tied to FS Earl Thomas. Thomas was drafted #14 overall in 2010, while Berry was drafted by the Chiefs at #5. NFL draft “experts” battled back and forth as to which was the best secondary player in the 2010 draft… Berry won initially, by getting the bigger pay-day. While I do understand the two positions are different, here are how the two compare by the numbers:

    Eric Berry: 44 solo tackles, 14 assists, 2 sacks, 4 passes defensed, 2 interceptions, 0 TDs, 1 forced fumble
    Earl Thomas: 46 solo tackles, 9 assists, 0 sacks, 7 passes defended, 5 interceptions, 0 TDs, 0 forced fumbles

    If you love Eric Berry and believe he is “Vrrrrry Scrrrry“, there is no reason to think Earl Thomas isn’t.

    1: WTF?!?! Brandon Flowers isn’t going to play?

    The Chiefs have officially listed Brandon Flowers as doubtful for the matchup against the Seahawks on Sunday. This is a HUGE hit to the Chiefs. Flowers is the best player on the Chiefs roster… 2nd best, actually, next to Dustin Colquitt (bash on, brothers!).

    You may be thinking I always hate on Brandon Flowers, this isn’t completely true. I like Flowers a ton; I simply don’t think he is in the same group as Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha.


    The Chiefs and Seahawks are very evenly matched defensively, not very good against the pass and in the middle of the NFL against the rush. Offensively, the Chiefs average less passing yards per game, but while the Chiefs rank #1 in rushing, the Seahawks rank #31.

    If the Chiefs execute, they should have little problem moving to 7-4.

    Kansas City Chiefs 24 – Seattle Seahawks 21

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    • Here are a couple of different things to add.

      First off, Seattle’s new stadium has become one of the best home-field advantages in the NFL. The Seahawks draw more false start penalties on the opponents than anyone else over the last couple of years – if I read that correctly. It’s a cool new stadium, and they win a lot of games there.

      Next, the Chiefs are not a good road team. The Chiefs have been close in some road games, but all of their losses this year are on the road.

      I do find it interesting Cassel’s not on the list this time.

    • It’s true. Matt Cassel has played himself off the list. That said he could still go out and throw a pick or two and the Chiefs could still win the game. With DMC and Moeaki back, the Chiefs are capable of airing it out. If they can break some big plays and put some points on the board that might come at the expense of a pick or two.

      I can’t wait until there is a study with good data about how loud these stadiums actually get. I am sure that Qwest Field gets louder than Arrowhead because Qwest is two walls of fans screaming at the other wall where Arrowhead is more open. In the same way, any dome with a loud crowd has to be louder because the noise doesn’t have any where to displace. If the Chiefs didn’t have any problem in Lucas Oil Stadium, a quasi-dome, they should be fine in Qwest It will be loud but I don’t think there is a louder place to play than a packed dome like the Metrodome or Georgia Stadium.

    • I thought about Cassel, but decided I would just be adding him so I would have one more reason.

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