San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs

Why the 2011 NFL Playoffs will be different for KC

How many times have you done something in your life six times?

I’m sure you’ve seen a really awesome movie more than six times. I would even bet that you’ve kissed more than six different women (or men for our lady readers) in your life. You’ve probably gotten an A on a test more than six times in your life.

Why do I bring these things up? Because this is just the SIXTH home playoff game in the history of Arrowhead Stadium. Pretty amazing/shocking, right? In the past, the Chiefs have been easily the most disappointing team in the NFL’s postseason. From Lin Elliot’s wounded duck in ’95, Joe Montana AND Derrick Thomas getting hurt in Buffalo in ’93 to Priest Holmes‘ fumble late in the game in ’03.

We’ve had our fair share of bad breaks in the last 20 years of our playoff lives:

1993: Joe Montana gets hurt in Buffalo after leading the Chiefs to victory over Pittsburgh and Houston. Derrick Thomas doesn’t even play and Thurman Thomas gashes the Chiefs for 186 yards and three TDs. Buffalo went on to the Super Bowl.

1995: Lin Elliot. I remember crying and trying to rip my sweatshirt off of my 9-year old body. 3 interceptions by Steve Bono are often overlooked in this game by most Chiefs’ fans. The Colts meanwhile, went on to play in perhaps the greatest AFC Championship game of all time against the Steelers.

1997: Tony Gonzalez’s phantom incompletion. Tony G appeared to make the TD reception to put the Chiefs up late against John Elway and the Denver Broncos, but the side judge ruled that Gonzalez did not come down in bounds with the ball. Oh yeah, and the Broncos offensive linemen put Crisco on their jerseys. The Broncos went on to win the Super Bowl.

2003: Where do you start? We couldn’t force the Indianapolis Colts to punt the entire game. Priest Holmes fumbled the ball late in the game on a run that would have put the Chiefs in the red zone with a chance to take the lead. Johnnie Morton also dropped two passes in the endzone.

2006: Hard to even start somewhere. The Chiefs actually kept this game pretty close, but some boneheaded gameplanning and zero creativity by the Chiefs coaching staff made me want to pull my hair out. The Colts of course went on to win the Super Bowl.

So here we sit in 2011. You look back on those Chiefs teams of years past and it sticks out. They were all good, if not great, at doing one thing. The ’93 team, despite having Joe Montana at QB, was reliant on the defense. Same can be said for the ’95 and ’97 squads. The 2003 Chiefs couldn’t stop anybody on defense and stumbled into the playoffs, going 4-3 in the last seven weeks of the season. The 2006 team really had no business being in the playoffs.

The time to change the “here-we-go-again” mindset of Chiefs fans is now. This team succeeds in many facets of the game. Of course, we can come at you with the run, but our defense ain’t too bad either. Double cover Dwayne Bowe? Ok, we’ll just dump it off to Tony Moeaki or Dexter McCluster.

This Chiefs team has layers. We’ve seen them win games with in a multitude of ways. This is going to be a very fun week. You gotta believe. The Baltimore Ravens defense is not what it used to be, especially in the secondary. They are a beatable team. They are a good team, but the Ravens have played a ton of close games this year and have had trouble with lesser opponents.

They will be rearing to go this Sunday. But guess what? So will our Kansas City CHIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEFS. This young Chiefs squad has shown a tremendous bounce back ability this year. Look back on this majestic 2010 season. After devastating losses, the Chiefs bounce back.

Keep your head up, our boys are dangerous.

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