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2011 Chiefs Schedule Rundown

The Kansas City Chiefs season starts in less than one week. Here is my early run-down of the Chiefs schedule… This is how I reached the conclusion of 8-8 in the Chiefs Command Pre-season Predictions.

Week 1 – vs. Buffalo Bills – 1-0 (Predicted Chiefs record at the end of the game)

Buffalo Bills may be the “easiest” game on the Chiefs schedul in 2011, but QB Matt Cassel may be out with a rib injury. In 2010, the Bills kept the game close, with the Chiefs pulling out a 13-10 victory. With or without Cassel, the Chiefs should start off 2011 1-0.

Week 2 – @ Detroit Lions – 1-1

The Lions are a much improved team… No more sacks over the heads of fans in the stands. Second year defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh says its the goal of the Lions defense to instill fear into their opponents. With playmakers on both sides of the ball, the Lions will make it an exciting game, are still improving and will beat the Chiefs.

Week 3 – @ San Diego Chargers – 1-2

The Chargers are probably the best team on paper to never do anything… This is as a franchise, going all the way back to Dan Fouts. As much as I think of Phillip Rivers as a whinny bitch, he is a great QB, and sometimes that’s all it takes. If a crowd shows up to watch the game in San Diego and makes at least some noise, the Chargers should win.

Week 4 – vs. Minnesota Vikings – 2-2

The Vikings are my pick to finish last in the NFC North in 2011. Donovan McNabb is a huge upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson at QB and Adrian Peterson is a beast, but McNabb is a mere shell of his former self, booted out of Philly and DC in two years and being no longer able to throw the long ball coupled with the loss of Sidney Rice at WR and this team will find itself losing a lot of games in 2011.

Week 5 – @ Indianapolis Colts – 2-3

I’m not sure the Chiefs will ever be able to beat the Colts… Yes, I realize the Chiefs beat the Colts on Halloween in 2004. The Colts simply have the Chiefs’ number, and until Peyton Manning leaves the game, this trend will continue.

Week 6 – Bye – 2-3

Can’t lose this one!

Week 7 – @ Oakland Raiders – 2-4

The only team in the NFL to sweep their division in 2010, the Raiders are improved in 2011? Yes, that’s a question mark… I still like their running game and their defense, even with the loss of Nnamdi Asomugha. The Black Hole is always a tough place to play. Raiders win at home.

Week 8 – vs. San Diego Chargers – 3-4

I believe every team has the ability (and necessity) to split their division matchups… Chiefs fans better be loud for this one, the Chiefs barely pulled it off at home against the Chargers in 2010. The home win will be repeated in 2011.

Week 9 – vs. Maimi Dolphins – 4-4

A new look for the Dolphins in 2011. No more Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams, the Dolphins will be featuring Reggie Bush and former K-State star, Daniel Thomas, at RB. Chad Henne at QB is what will hold back the Dolphins in 2011. Chiefs win.

Week 10 – vs. Denver Broncos – 5-4

The Denver defense will look much better in 2011 and I expect the Blue Springs native, Brandon Lloyd, to continue to shine with Kyle Orton at QB, but the Broncos can’t come to Arrowhead and win, can they?

Week 11 – @ New England Patriots – 5-5

Above .500, and a little cocky, the Chiefs will be reminded why they won’t repeat as division champs. New England is too good for the Chiefs.

Week 12 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – 5-6

Pittsburgh may be headed back to the Superbowl. The Chiefs will be a stepping stone to the playoffs.

Week 13 – @ Chicago Bears – 6-6

You may not like Jay Cutler, but he is a very solid NFL QB. In fact, I was hoping the Chiefs would make a quick swap of Cassel for Cutler once acquiring Cassel from the Patriots.  Bears WRs are never very good, but the Defense will be solid, regardless what “experts” say and the running game will be very solid behind Matt Forte. All that being said, I like the Chiefs.

Week 14 – @ New York Jets – 6-7

AFC Championship game bound? The Jets will be too much at home in December for the Chiefs to overcome. That being said, I think the Jets have a lot of pieces of their team that could go either way. If the Chiefs are in contention down the stretch, this could be a must win game.

Week 15 – vs. Green Bay Packers – 6-8

As much as I like the Packers in 2011, Chiefs faithful will need to rock Arrowhead in mid December in a game that could mean the Chiefs have playoff hopes. An upset or two earlier in the season could mean the Chiefs needing to knock off the defending Champs for a shot at the playoffs… Most likely a loss.

Week 16 – vs. Oakland Raiders – 7-8

Two straight home games this late in the season, the Chiefs and Chiefs fans MUST revive the energy and excitement once present at Arrowhead for their home finale of the season… Maybe the Hunt family could drop ticket prices, so fans can justify freezing their asses off?!?!? Ya, that was a nice day-dream.

Week 17 – @ Denver Broncos – 8-8

In Denver for the season finale against the Broncos, the Chiefs will have  faced a brutal stretch of games, will be prepared and will beat the Broncos at home. As before, if a game or two goes the other way, this game could very well boost the Chiefs into the playoffs.


How do you see the Chiefs schedule breaking down?

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