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Whether you already have your own sports blog or personal blog or simply want to make a one-time post to share your thoughts on anything at all NFL related, we are happy to have you share your thoughts with the world on

Follow these simple steps to submit a guest post (or watch the video):

1 – Register as a user. It’s simple, see that little box to the right? Click on the “Register” tab and fill in your username, email address and password, then click “Register”. You are now registered and logged in.

2 – Click “Edit Profile” in the login box. Upload a photo, enter your website URL, add your social profiles and include a few sentences about yourself or your website.

3 – Click “Post in Add New” At the top left when logged in. Add a title, then begin typing away your post content. Once finished, add all player names as “Tags,” select the proper “Category,” then click the “Submit for Review” button.

4 – Once your post has been published we will send you an email with the post URL. Wait until you receive this email before sharing… Your friends will only get mad if they come looking for your post before it is actually published!

5 – Be sure to share it with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

6 – Come back and submit a post or a guest post as often as you like!

It really is that simple!

Our editors will review the blog post, add an image to it, tag it with player names and put it in the proper category. Generally, your post will be published within 24 hours!

Make sure to fill out your profile information… We will enter this info before publishing your post. If profile information is not entered, it may delay the publishing of your post.

Come back and post as often as you like… The more you post and contribute to discussions on other posts, the sooner you will be able to have your posts published instantly!

If there are any major issues with your post, you will receive a note from our editors asking you to make some corrections.

Do you already have your own NFL blog?

Great! Chiefs Command would love to have you as a guest blogger… Not to mention, it is great promotion for you own blog!

1st, make sure your website is listed in our NFL Blog Directory!

When you submit a guest post on, make sure this is a new and unique blog post, not a post already submitted on your blog. Chiefs Command only accepts fresh and original content.

Feel free to post the first paragraph of your guest post on your website, then include a link to “Read the rest of this article on Chiefs Command.”

Need help?

No problem, just send Chiefs Command an email and we will get back to you soon.





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