Winning money is the reason everyone gambles. Today I going to teach you all on how to maximize your profits. I have talked about straight betting is the best way to be profitable but there are ways to beat parlays. It’s called hedging your bet. This is when you would have a 3 or more team parlay and you have already won the first two games and you are second guessing the third game and want to make sure money. I personally plan on hedging some of my bets I will bet 2 NFL games on Sunday and bet the Monday night game. $20 dollars wins $120 odds pay 6 for 1. So this week you pick 2 games that you really like and just pick a team for the Monday night game. If you have won your 2 games on Sunday you now have the option to create a guaranteeing profit!!! You simply bet 60 dollars on the opposite team you bet. This means you are in your bet $80 so you could win $120 or $120 when your invested only $80.  So you still have doubled your original bet at $20.  This may seem like a lot of work to make little money, simply another reason why I like straight betting much better. Hedging your bet is just something you should learn if your doing a lot of parlays specially if doing large parlays, it works better when doing big parlays. Winning money is one of the best feelings in the world, so keep your money budgeted well and bet smart.


Everyone that bets every week should have a bankroll. Winning money is great, but without a bankroll and records of your bets you can lose track on how much money you are losing or winning. What I highly recommend is taking however much money you feel you can afford to lose and start a bank account. Keeping your bankroll money separate from your everyday exoenses. If your bankroll hits zero dollars take a week or two off until you can reload your bankroll. Winning money is good for your bankroll; but don’t increase your bets until you have doubled or even tripled your bankroll. I have seen many people bet everyday not keeping track, losing daily and not managing their money, winning money every few days but clearly not winning on consistent basis. They lose track of how much they have lost and they end up losing a lot more then just money. Budgeting your money is the most important thing in betting besides WINNING!!


It’s already week 9 in the NFL!! It has been a great season so far, besides all the injuries. This is a hard week for me I haven’t seen anything that I really like to bet on. Sometimes a winning better means keeping your money in your pocket. But since this is a blog I will share my professional opinion on a few games I am excited for; Steelers vs Ravens seems to be the hot game this week. Steelers defense is almost at 100% sounds like James Harrison will be returning and Ravens clearly have been struggling on a direction for their offense. I got the Steelers grinding out another win this week 24-17. Another good game is Eagles vs Bears, two explosive backs in Matt Forte and Lesean McCoy, together these guys have almost 2000 yards of total offense!! Eagles are favored by 9. I think Eagles roll this week crushing the Chicago Bears in a blowout 42-21. Worst NFL game of the week will be Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders with Tim Tebow playing terrible due to his horrible offensive line  and inaccuracy look for Broncos to keep struggling and Darren Mcfadden is still hurt, look for this game to look like a practice game for Carson Palmer as he will get many throwing attempts. Love the under on this game @42 points. Oakland Raiders wins 17-10. Chiefs game seems easy but Chiefs haven’t been playing the best football and Miami has been looking a little better, look for the Chiefs to pull another close game win. Kansas City Chiefs are -4 on and -6 in vegas at Contor sports book. I would stay away from this game. Remember key to sports betting is winning money!! Let me know what games you guys like!!

My Picks week 9

  • Steelers  -3 or ML -145
  • Eagles  -9
  • Jets +1

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