NFL playoffs are right around the corner, how is your team doing? How can the last few weeks really change the way you bet? Many different things can effect games now. Huge example is if the team has clinched the playoffs already by week 15 or 16 and have no need to win anymore. The team could choose to bench their starters. You will see a strange line that you might really want to bet but make sure you research the game. Researching your games the last few weeks of the regular season is HUGE!! Many teams seem to turn up the heat once knowing they must win to make the playoffs. There really isn’t any easy way to pick these games, just know if the Steelers need a win, they will get it.  Focus on the teams that have been to the playoffs in history, a team with veteran leaders that know what needs to get done.

NFC playoffs looking to come down to week 17 for some teams. The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers are not those teams, both Packers (12-0) and 49ers (10-2) have clinched playoffs. New Orleans Saints (9-3) still have a chance at a getting a first round bye. CRUNCHTIME for the 7-5 teams which are Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta. Oh yeah the Giants too at 6-6. With only 3 spots realistically available and 6 teams fighting for it, who will finish with a bang?? Like I have been saying all year the Detroit Lions are just not a playoff caliber team yet, as we have seen their inexcusable penalties, such a bright future for the Lions look for them to mature up and be a top competitor in the NFC just not yet. New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys have 2 HUGE games against each other. This week being the first and the other being week 17, if Cowboys can get the win this week it will be HUGE grabbing a 2 game lead in their division. Chicago Bears playoff hopes are getting much smaller as the days go on, after losing to Kansas City last week they are in a world of trouble. The Bears have a relatively easy last 4 weeks playing Denver, Minnesota, Seattle and Packers, but 3 0f 4 games on the road. I would think they win 2 games at best finishing 9-7 not enough to make the playoffs, or is it? The last wild card playoff spot is honestly any teams. This is what a great NFL season is all about.

AFC playoffs are much crazier with 4 teams with 9 wins. Only one wild card spot left since the AFC north has Pittsburgh and Baltimore at 9-3. Denver, Oakland are both 7-5 in the AFC west fighting to win the division, it will take 9-7 to win the division and Broncos win the tie-breaker. As for the wild card playoff spots there is Cincinnati, Tennesse, and New York Jets all at 7-5 also. All have pretty similar schedules I would imagine it will come down to the wire. Another reason this NFL season has been so great. Patriots seem to be back on track with the easiest schedule the last few weeks in the NFL look for them to clinch bye and home field advantage. Steelers have an easy finish to the season as well look for them to win out clinching home field and first round bye. AFC Championship game -Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots NFC Championship game- Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints Week 14 has some great matchups to watch, which means hard to bet.

My picks

49ers- ML

Saints – - 3

Falcons – ML

Under Chiefs/Jets 36.5

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  • Your right about the AFC being crazy. I’m intrigued with the AFC North, it would be cool to see the Bengals sneak in, it would make for some interesting story lines.

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