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NFL Week 3 Parlay: Chiefs, Browns, Lions

Two weeks into the season and two weeks I have completely bombed my three team parlay… To those who say it’s easy, let me hear your three team parlay in the comments section. One rule – You MUST use the Chiefs in the parlay.

Season Recap

Down $40, lost badly both times… Buying another $20 parlay this week.

[one_third last="no"]

Chiefs @ Chargers (-15)

Holy crap! Chargers are 15 point favorites!? In preseason, who would have believed this would be the line in week 3?

You know I love the HUGE lines, but this isn’t necessarilay the case here… The loss of San Diego TE Antonio Gates is a huge boost for the Chiefs poor safeties. I think the Chiefs cover 15 points, but lose the game by 13, sticking to my earlier prediction.

Pick: Chiefs +15


[one_third last="no"]

Dolphins (-1 1/2)@ Browns

RB Peyton Hillis is sick and out of the game today for the Browns, but it doesn’t matter. Second year RB Montario Hardesty was drafted in 2010 to be the starter, but the surprise season from Hillis coupled with Hardesty’s season ending injury in 2010 has kept Hardesty in the back seat. Hardesty is capable of matching Hillis’s performance.

Pick: Browns (+1 1/2)


[one_third last="yes"]

Lions (-3 1/2) @ Vikings

Entering the 2011 season, I thought the Vikings would be one of the teams at the bottom and I liked the Lions to surprise the league. My thoughts haven’t changed. The Lions are #8 in total offense, the Vikings are #27. The NFL is about offense and I like to take teams whose offenses greatly outperform their opponents’ offenses.

Pick: Lions (-3 1/2)


Week 3 Recap

$20 bet wins $125.54

Chiefs +15, Browns + 1 1/2, Lions -3 1/2

What are your thoughts or your bet?

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