Kyle Orton, 2011 Week 1

NFL Week 2 Parlay: Chiefs, Seahawks, Broncos

It is a good thing I do not bet big on my weekly parlay. Last week, the only correct pick was the Buffalo Bills to cover the spread against the Kansas City Chiefs… Unfortunately, my Chiefs were destroyed.

Season Recap

Down $20 and buying another $20 parlay in week 2.

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Chiefs @ Lions (-7 1/2)

The Lions are a better team than the Chiefs. I am not “jumping on the Lions bandwagon.” I have said this all off-season. Depending where you look, the line is between -7 1/2 and -9 in favor of the Lions. As always, I am using’s line, currently -7 1/2.  I think the Lions win the game and I am sticking to my prediction made yesterday of Lions 27 – Chiefs 20. 80% of BoDog bettors like the Lions to cover.

Pick: Chiefs +7 1/2


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Seahawks @ Steelers (-14)

The Seahawks may be the worst team in the NFL, but I am always a sucker for HUGE lines in the NFL. 90% of BoDog bettors like the Steelers to cover… No way… Not a number that big, right?

Pick: Seahawks +14


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Bengals @ Broncos (-3)

The Bengals had a solid showing in week 1, but let’s be honest… They beat the Browns. Broncos QB, Kyle Orton, had a poor showing in week 1, as the Broncos lost to the Raiders… But all Kyle Orton does is win ball games, no matter where he plays. He will be just fine. 54% of BoDog bettors are also picking the Broncos to cover.

Pick: Broncos -3


Week 2 Parlay Recap

Kansas City Chiefs +7 1/2, Seattle Seahawks -14, Denver Broncos -3

$20 bet wins $114.44

What are your thoughts on my bet?

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