Already NFL week 13, what a great season it has been so far. The Green Bay Packers have been running everyone over and is 11-0 looking to hit a perfect 16-0. In the NFC the New Orleans Saints have been looking excellent, The 49ers have won 9 games but their offense has not convinced me that they can beat Green Bay or New Orleans. Atlanta Falcons are 7-4 coming into NFL week 13 and have been playing their best football of the year, They have a pretty easy schedule should finish 11-5 behind the Saints who should finish 12-4.  The AFC is being led by a few teams Ravens, Patriots,Texans and Steelers all at 8-3 coming into the NFL week 13. I personally think the Patriots are the best team in the AFC after 12 week. Many can argue just have to take Tom Brady over all the other Qb’s in the AFC. The race of the AFC is the AFC north, with Ravens and Steelers both at 8-3 with the Bengals right behind them at 7-4 Look for the Ravens and Steelers to finish 12-4 as the Ravens win the Tie-Breaker pushing the Steelers to the wild card.

Lets talk what to bet in the NFL week 13, Atlanta Falcons(7-4) vs Houston Texans(8-3) this game is HUGE for the Falcons as is the rest of the season. Atlanta is 5-1 last 6 weeks and have been playing great, on the other hand Texans are in big trouble losing Matt Schuab and Matt Leinhart for the season, They must turn to a rookie T.J. Yates. Falcons are ranked 2nd against the rush and should be able to load the box up and stop the 2 man horse of Foster and Tate. The line is Atlanta -3, Accuscore has it 22-20 Falcons.

Another big game in the NFL week 13 is the Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints. The key to this game is Ndamukong Suh, without the best pass rusher on the field look for Drew Brees to have more time in the pocket letting him pick the defense apart. Lions are super weak in the running game and Mathew Stafford has a broken finger which clearly effected his throwing on thanksgiving. The only advantage the Lions have is the 10 days rest, and Saints are on short rest. look for the 3 running backs of the Saints to run the linebackers dead and Drew Brees to throw all over, just don’t see this game going very well for the Lions.

NFL week 13 also has some jokes, how about the awesome Monday night game. LOL the awesome San Diego Chargers travel to Jacksonville. Chargers are on a 6 game losing streak, desperate for a win. The 3-8 Jags fired their coach this last week, with the rookie QB Blaine Gabbert who only has 1300 yards passing and 6 tds look for this game to be as boring as paint drying. Another horrible match-up in NFL week 13 is Denver Tebow’s vs Minnesota Vikings. Vikings without Adrian Peterson will have to rely on their rookie QB Christian Ponder who has looked ok but hasn’t been winning. On the other side you got Tim Tebow who has a higher RAT then Ponder at 80.5 and is 5-1 as a starter. This seems like a very winnable game for the Broncos but they will be without some key players on Offense and Defense.

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My Picks NFL week 13


Patriots- -20.5


Saints-  -9

Denver/Min. Under 37.5

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  • I wonder if TJ Yates is better than Palko. Out of curiosity are you going to use the terrible Monday night game in any of your personal parlays?

  • I think Yates will have more success since Texans have the best Rushing game in the NFL, I think he will only get 15-20 passing attempts, unless they fall behind by double digits.

    Monday- I have been CRUSHED betting on the Chargers this year and done with them, I probably wont even watch this game. If Tebow can beat the Chargers then so can Jacksonville. Sometimes a new coach steps in and the team wins wonder what that stat line is. First game for interm coach record??

  • I’m going the other way on the Pats/Colts. I think Wayne is finally getting into the groove. Now, 17 points isn’t out of the question…

  • I don’t care that it was garbage time… Colts covered the 20 points… I may have been the ONLY person in America to take the Colts!

  • No I think people took the colts if not the line would have moved back to 21. That is the problem with big spreads. surprised Pats took it easy on them, I heard BB was pissed after they let colts score. Plus Painter wasn’t playing i should of looked that up.

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