NFL Parlay Week 16: Chiefs, Packers, Steelers

Another week, another loss. Thanks for beating the Packers, Chiefs! No, really! I will take a win from my team over winning a $20 parlay, especially when they still have a playoffs shot… Just Barely!

My one rule – I MUST use the Chiefs in the NFL parlay.

As always, I am using the current line from BetUS.com

Season NFL Parlay Recap

Down 180 bucks on the season… I must win these last two weeks to make a profit in the regular season.

[one_third last="no"]

Raiders (-3) @ Chiefs

I said it earlier, and I’m sticking to it. Chiefs win.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs +3


[one_third last="no"]

Bears @ Packers (-11)

This is more hopeful for my fantasy team. I need Aaron Rodgers to have a big day. I am facing Drew Brees.

Pick: Green Bay Packers -11


[one_third last="yes"]

Rams @ Steelers (-10)

The Rams are official contenders for the #1 pick in the NFL Draft yet again, sad to say only two seasons after drafting a Sam Bradford #1 overall. This team is bad. Brandon Lloyd is the only bright spot, who will likely be gone following the season.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers -10

Week 15 NFL Parlay Recap

$20 bet wins $126.67

Kansas City Chiefs +3, Green Bay Packers -11, Pittsburgh Steelers -10

What are your thoughts or your bets?

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