NFL Parlay Week 15: Packers, Saints, Bengals

Another week, another loss. Another week with the Kansas City Chiefs getting blown out. Not looking good to recoup my money in the regular season. Still going to give it a try!

My one rule – I MUST use the Chiefs in the NFL parlay.

As always, I am using the current line from

Season NFL Parlay Recap

Down 160 bucks on the season… Not looking good… It’s going to take two straight wins to get back in the black.

[one_third last="no"]

Packers (-13 1/2) @ Chiefs

Um… Ya…

Pick: Green Bay Packers -13 1/2


[one_third last="no"]

Saints (-6 1/2) @ Vikings

Even if Adrian Peterson is back for the Vikings, I don’t see this game being anything close. In the pre-season, I picked the Vikings to be one of the worst teams in the NFL and they are living down to my expectations.

Pick: New Orleans Saints (-6 1/2)


[one_third last="yes"]

Bengals (-6 1/2) @ Rams

Finally the Cincinatti Bengals have an “easy” matcup. The St. Louis Rams are bad… This may be the late season springboard that helps Cincy into the playoffs and leads Andy Dalton to the the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals -6 1/2

Week 15 NFL Parlay Recap

$20 bet wins $120.00

Green Bay Packers -13 1/2, New Orleans Saints -6 1/2, Cincinnati Bengals -6 1/2

Stay away from:

I HATE the Denver Broncos and I am NOT a Tim Tebow fan… That being said, I am beginning it difficult to not watch the Broncos games, but I am staying completely away from the New England Patriots -7 line. Tebow seems to have “it.” Winning is the ONLY thing that matters in the NFL, and he is doing it… One final bold prediction – I am keeping the Denver Broncos in my fantasy football lineup in week 15!

What are your thoughts or your bets?

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