NFL Parlay Week 14: Chiefs, Saints, Patriots

My week 13 attempt at a win ended with a thud. Riding high from the noon games, where the Chiefs not only covered the spread, but won the game and the Colts covered in garbage time… I awaited my “lock.” Disappointment followed, as the Packers won the game, but failed to cover the spread… Another week, another attempt to get back to even…

My one rule – I MUST use the Chiefs in the NFL parlay.

As always, I am using the current line from BetUS.com

Season NFL Parlay Recap

Down 140 bucks on the season… Not looking good… Cannot get back to even this week.

[one_third last="no"]

Chiefs @ Jets (-10 1/2)

No need to over-complicate this one – I don’t like Mark Sanchez. I don’t believe he is a good QB. If the Chiefs D continues to play well, this game could be VERY close

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs (+10 1/2)


[one_third last="no"]

Saints (-3 1/2) @ Titans

I’m staying away from the Packers this week… Although they’re been winning, they’re not covering the spread all the time anymore. So, I will take my second favorite NFL offense to watch. I don’t expect a blow-out, and I believe this line is a lot closer than it should be due to Chris Johnson’s sudden resurgence at RB for Tennessee. I don’t buy it – Saints win by at least a TD.

Pick: New Orleans Saints (-3 1/2)


[one_third last="yes"]

Patriots (-8) @ Redskins

I know this is a dangerous game to pick, but the Redskins have looked bad, other than rookie RB, Roy Helu, but we all know Mike Shanahan likes to play games regarding his starting RBs. I expect a ton of yardage through the air from both teams, but the garbage time lead will be too much for Washington to overcome. Pats should take it by 10…. Even after garbage time.

Pick: New England Patriots (-8)

Week 12 NFL Parlay Recap

$20 bet wins $123.18

Kansas City Chiefs +10 1/2, New Orleans Saints – 3 1/2, New England -8

The Rest of the NFL Against the Spread

Lately, I have been making an additional post with all of my “last minute” picks, but since I placed my parlay bet later this week, here are the rest of my NFL picks for week 14.


  • Indianapolis Colts -16 1/2: Garbage time covered the 20 points against New England last week… Same thing here against the Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals +3: Other than week 13, the Bengals have looked good. TJ Yates at QB for Houston.
  • Green Bay Packers -11 1/2: Carson Palmer plays for the Raiders… Enough said.
  • Kansas City Chiefs +10 1/2
  • Detroit Lions -10: I don’t like this game, but the Lions are in a playoff hunt… They MUST start playing especially against Minnesota, right?
  • New Orleans Saints -3 1/2
  • Miami Dolphins -3: Since beating the Chiefs, the Dolphins have rolled. On the flip-side, the Eagles look like crap.
  • New England Patriots -8
  • Atlanta Falcons -3: Going to be a close game, but I like the Falcons to beat the Panthers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3: Uh… They’re better than Jacksonville?
  • San Francisco 49ers -3 1/2: Frank Gore has been quiet lately. He gets going against the Cardinals.
  • Denver Broncos -3: The Bears are not good. The Broncos have Tim Tebow… As much as it pains me to admit.
  • Buffalo Bills -7: Two teams not playing well at all… Flipping the coin and taking Bills to cover against Chargers.
  • New York Giants +4 1/2: After the close game against the Pack in week 13, I have more respect for the Giants. They cover against Dallas on Monday Night Football, but I’m not sure they win.


What are your thoughts or your bets?

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  • The Saints and the Patriots games seem like no-brainers. I would take both of those bets. I would bet against the Chiefs on this one. I don’t think much of the Jets but they should cover the 10 1/2. This has more to do with the lack of scoring from the Chiefs. I guess I would be giving the points in all of them and taking the favorites.

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