Green Bay Packers v San Diego Chargers

NFL Parlay Week 10: Broncos/Chiefs over, Packers, Cardinals

I didn’t have a chance to post my parlay in week 9, but ultimately, it was irrelevant. I picked the Kansas City Chiefs to cover the spread against the Miami Dolphins… Whoops!

My one rule – I MUST use the Chiefs in the NFL parlay.

As always, I am using the current line from

Season NFL Parlay Recap

Down 60 bucks… Need a win to get back on track

[one_third last="no"]

Broncos @ Chiefs (Over/Under 41)

Normally, I bet the spread, but I really don’t like the Chiefs game in week 10. That being said, I will take over 41 points… Now, which Chiefs and Broncos offenses will show up to play?

Pick: Over 41 points scored


[one_third last="no"]

Vikings @ Packers (-13)

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, the Packers cover the spread EVERY week. No sense to bail on them now!

Pick: Green Bay Packers -13


[one_third last="yes"]

Cardinals @ Eagles (-14)

The Cardinals are bad, but the Eagles aren’t that good either… Simply put, I don’t know how the line got here.

Pick: Cardinals (+14)


Week 10 NFL Parlay Recap

$20 bet wins $120.00

Broncos/Chiefs over 41, Green Bay Packers -13, Arizona Cardinals +14

What are your thoughts or your bets?

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  • Seems like alot of people are taking the Seahawks and the points over Baltimore. I think St. Louis will destroy. Cleveland today.

  • I still like Cleveland’s D – The Rams are down to 2 WRs and Cleveland is #1 against the pass… Could be a long day for the Rams.

  • The Rams got lucky. If anyone is down about being a fan of the Chiefs, it could be way worse you could be a Browns fan. My heart goes out to those fans. Art Model ruined Cleveland sports.

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