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Denver only AFC West dogs in week 8

NFL week 8 is without a head-to-head AFC West matchup. Depending how you look at it, it can be either good or bad for betting the AFC West parlay this week. On one side, we can win double our money… One the flip side, we must correctly pick four games rather than three.

After 4 weeks of the Betting the AFC West: Parlay column, we are up $40, betting $20 each week.

Week 7 was another close loss. A loss I blame on the San Diego Chargers and their false start which pushed back a 45 yard field goal to make it 50 yards… and a miss, late in the game. We took the over (48 1/2 points). The game ended at 43 points. To recap, a made field goal puts it at a 23-23 tie and 46 total points… Meaning anything except a safety to win the game also wins our parlay…

One MUST keep moving forward when betting sports… On to week 8…

Denver Broncos (in London) San Francisco 49ers (-2.5)

I do not like the line in this game at all… But I also do not like the over/under of 42 points. Neither team has been very impressive as of late. What seemed to be a fantastic passing game in Denver is fizzling out, and the 49ers… Well, are the 4ers.  There are no stats or trends to support my decision, but…

I am taking the Broncos to win by 3

76% of BetUS.com bettors agree with me…

Pick: Broncos getting 2.5 points

Newest Chiefs Posts

    Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders (-2.5)

    Following the whipping put on the Broncos in week 7, it’s hard not to believe the Raiders are better than we thought. RB Darren McFadden entered beast mode in week 7 and I see no reason for it to let up now. Raiders are 4-1 against the spread in their last five games.

    I am taking the Raiders to win by 3

    50% of BetUS.com bettors agree with me…

    Pick: Raiders giving 2.5 points

    Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers (over/under 44.5 points)

    The line of this game is San Diego -4. While I don’t like the line very much, I really like the OVER. Tennessee Titans are averaging more than 28 points per game and San Diego Chargers average more than 25 points per game, that’s  more than 53 combined points per game. A TD less still covers the over.

    I am taking over 44.5 points scored

    If you’re curious, 57% of BetUS.com bettors are taking the Titans +4…

    Pick: Over 44.5 points scored

    Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs (-7)

    As I wrote yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs are better than the Buffalo Bills in every aspect of the game. The Chiefs run well. The Bills cannot defend the run. The Chiefs passing game is catching fire. The Bills allow two passing TDs per game.

    I am taking the Chiefs to win by 7

    61% of BetUS.com bettors are taking the Chiefs -7…

    Pick: Chiefs giving 7 points*

    *Note: Most websites count a tie as a win when it is part of a parlay and a push (money back) when making a straight bet. Make sure to use a website that gives you a win in the parlay.

    Parlay Recap

    $20 bet wins $240

    Broncos +2.5, Raiders -2.5, Titans/Chargers over 44.5, Chiefs -7

    Hopefully we can get back on track with a big one!

    Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment below!
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    • I will take the Broncos, Raiders, Over on the SD game and the Chiefs, who I predict to win by 8.

      I don’t like the Denver-SF game at all. Two of the worst coaches in the league right now, coaching two of the worst-performing teams right now. I hope Denver ends up being a really bad team but, right now, I don’t know. They were terrible last week. I like Denver because SF is starting Troy Smith and Denver gets the points in a neutral-field game. This will be a poor representation for the NFL abroad. Of course, any soccer game is a poor representation of that kind of futbol to us.

    • You did a lot better job with your reasoning of the Denver game than I did… Maybe I can get a win this week… The last two weeks have been SO close!

    • Results:
      Broncos lost by 8… Incorrect
      Raiders won by 30… Correct
      Chargers/ Titans 58 points scored… Incorrect
      Chiefs won by 3… Incorrect

      Another tough week.

    • I am thinking Tim Tebow will be the starting QB in one of the Bronco games vs. the Chiefs. Tough week indeed.

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