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Betting the AFC West: Week 6

Week 5 was not nearly as sweet as Week 4 if you went along with me in betting the AFC West parlay.

In Week 5, all games involving AFC West teams had a 7 point spread. The only I called correctly was the Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts, where the Colts covered the spread.

Hey, that’s gambling, right? Just remember, if you rode with me each of the last two weeks on the AFC West parlays, you’re still up $80 if you went with a $20 parlay each week…

On to week 6!

In Week six there are 4 games involving AFC West teams, so we will take our $20 and place a 4 team parlay… A winning bet pays $240.

San Diego Chargers (-8) at St. Louis Rams (+8)

The San Diego Chargers have been playing putrid special teams football, so bad in fact that special teams has led to all three of their losses. San Diego is travelling to St. Louis to face a scrappy Rams team, and I’m convinced that if it were that easy… The Chargers would have already fixed their special teams problems. It doesn’t matter how many yards Phillip Rivers throws for in this one… 8 is a pretty big number in the NFL.

Newest Chiefs Posts

    I am taking the Chargers to win by 3.

    37% of bettors agree with me…

    Pick: Rams getting 8 points

    New York Jets at Denver Broncos (Over/Under 42)

    With the Jets favored by 3 1/2 points, I don’t like the spread in this game. The Jets are showing capable of moving the ball on offense and scoring at least 28 points in each game since week 2. On the other side, I am 100% convinced the Broncos can throw on any offense in the league and have scored 26 or more points in 3 of their 5 games.

    I am taking Over 42 points scored.

    If you’re curious, 67% of bettors are taking the Jets -3 1/2

    Pick: Over 42 points scored

    Oakland Raiders (+7) at San Fransicso 49ers (-7)

    If you’re still on the “49ers can win the NFC West” bandwagon… You’re burning with the wagon. Nothing has shown us that the 49ers are any sort of legit football team.

    I am taking the Raiders to win by 3.

    65% of bettors agree with me…

    Pick: Raiders getting 7 points

    Kansas City Chiefs (+4 1/2) at Houston Texans (-4 1/2)

    As mentioned on Chiefs Command earlier this week, the only two losses for the Texans have come via big-play from the wide receiver position… The Chiefs do not possess a big-play WR. The Chiefs stop the run well. The Texans run well. The Chiefs run well. The Texans stop the run well… Throw in big-time play-making WR Andre Johnson being mostly healthy again, and it is tough for the Chiefs to come out on top.

    I said it before, and I’m sticking to my pick, the Texans win by 7.

    56% of bettors agree with me…

    Pick: Texans giving 4 1/2

    Parlay Recap

    $20 bet to win $240

    Rams (+8), Jets/Broncos (over 42), Raiders (+7), Texans (+4 1/2)

    Double the winnings this week… You can buy me 2 beers!

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    • Results:
      Lost 4 team parlay…

      Rams +8, correct
      Jets/Broncos over 42, correct
      Raiders +7, incorrect (49ers won by 8 )
      Texxans -4 1/2, incorrect (Texans won by 4)

      Gambling is a funny thing, isn’t it… So close, yet so far!

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