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AFC West Parlay: Week 12

Another bad week in week 11. The Chiefs/Cardinals landed right on the 44 point over/under, we took the over. The Chargers/Broncos missed the 50 point over by one point, and the Raiders got blown out, where we picked them to keep it close.

Now in the hole $40, it’s time to hit one BIG with a 4 team parlay!

Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders (-2.5)

Miami is in turmoil. Brandon Marshall hasn’t lived up to his previous performances in Denver, partially due to the quarterback play, where the Dolphins have seen ex-Cheifs QB Tyler Thigpen start a game after Chad Pennington was injured after Chad Henne was hurt as well. The Dolphins are also experiencing troubles in the rushing game, either not going to the rush, or not being productive in that aspect of the game.

Marshall will miss week 12, making the Dolphins offense even worse… I don’t see how the raiders don’t win this game by at least a field goal.

80% of bettors agree with me…

Pick: Oakland Raiders giving 3 points

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    St. Louis Rams @ Denver Broncos (-3)

    I have enjoyed watching the Rams grow in 2010. Sam Bradford has been better than expected as a rookie, and is a big part the Rams are still alive in the NFC West… The other reason: No team is any good.

    Denver is a tough to play in the cold…

    I’m taking the Broncos to win by a TD.

    50% of bettors agree…

    Pick: Denver Broncos giving 3 points

    San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts (-2)

    Two of the best QBs in the game matchup and it is a must-watch. Both teams have a ton of injuries, etc. with options in their passing games, yet Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning keep making big plays in the passing game.

    As a Chiefs fan, The Chargers are EXTREMELY scary to me, so scary, in fact, that if this game was in San Diego I would pick them to win the game. This game comes down to home-field advantage.

    I am taking the Colts to win by 6.

    59% of bettors agree…

    Pick: Indianapolis Colts giving 2 points

    Kansas City Chiefs @ Seattle Seahawks (+2)

    Defensively, these two teams are very evenly matched. Offensively, their passing games are similar, but the Seahawks rank #31 in the rushing game and the Chiefs rank #1. This will be the biggest difference in the game.

    I am sticking to my prediction made yesterday: Chiefs win by 3.

    31% of bettors agree…

    Pick: Kansas City Chiefs giving 2 points

    Parlay Recap

    $20 bet wins $240

    Raiders (-2.5), Broncos (-3), Colts (-2), Chiefs (+2)

    Better luck to you…

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    • I’ll go Raiders, Rams, Colts, Chiefs. This is a tough week to win. I see the line shifted on the Chiefs game. This is one of those weeks that shows me why I shouldn’t (and don’t) gamble on the NFL. Brutal!

    • I got in on some betting action for the second straight week. Last week I took the Chiefs -7.5, the Chargers -10 and the Patriots -3.5. I missed my chance at $300 bucks by a half of a point!

      I kind of disagree with you Josh. While every team can win on any given sunday, the NFL is probably the best league to bet on, especially with bye weeks . Divisional games are the ones you want to stay away from.

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