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5 Reasons the Denver Broncos could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

A day late, yes this is true. Being that Brian McGannon was heading to Denver for the game and scheduled a post for yesterday morning coupled with the sad fact that there is only one AFC West game in week 10, with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders on byes, I decided to bring you a Saturday edition of 5 Reasons, since there will not be a Betting the AFC West article this week.

Also this week, I have decided not to ask for input from other bloggers and give you 5 Reasons my most-hated team could beat my most beloved team.

5: Brandon Llyod

A Kansas City native, Brandon Lloyd entered week 10 leading the NFL in receiving yards with 878. Llyod will be a difficult player for Brandon Flowers to cover. In week 9, Jacoby Ford of the Oakland Raiders exposed Flowers’s weakness in covering a player who possesses both pure speed and sure hands. The Broncos have a poor rush offense, many times getting completely away from that aspect of the game.

Flowers will be tested once again…

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    4: Champ Bailey

    With the national media hype all over Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha the past few years, many fans have forgotten about Champ Bailey. The Broncos defense is 2nd to last in the NFL against the run and they will be forced to commit an additional man to stop the run on Sunday. This means Champ Bailey will be man-to-man on Dwayne Bowe… If not taking away an entire third or half of the field.

    Bailey is amongst the best of the best and Dwayne Bowe is among the most inconsistent of WRs… I expect a very long afternoon for Bowe… He may not even catch a single ball.

    3: Matt Cassel

    Matt was slowly working his way off this list, until last week against the Oakland RaidersMatt Cassel has solidified himself on this list after his performance in week 9. Still unable to lead the Chiefs to a win, Cassel was 20/35 for 216 yards with 2 TDs and an INT in a game the Chiefs game-planned for Cassel to take-over and lead… Sigh…

    2: Josh McDaniels

    McDaniels was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach the entire time Matt Cassel was with the New England Patriots, including 2008 when Cassel was thrust into the starting QB job. If you remember, McDaniels reportedly wanted to acquire Matt Cassel as his starting QB in Denver before trading away Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. In my opinion, those rumors are part of what brought Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs. Scott Pioli didn’t want Matt Cassel playing for a division rival, so he made a move first.

    Putting aside McDaniels’s perceived draft-day and off-season blunders, he seems to be very in-tune with the passing game, meaning he knows Matt Cassel as good as or better than anyone. McDaniels is the big reason Matt Cassel is currently working under his big contract… And McDaniels know Cassel’s tendencies and weaknesses.

    1: Charlie Weis

    Charlie Weis has, unfortunately, made this list before, and with his play calling in week 9, he finds himself on the 5Reason once again. In week 9, the Chiefs called a passing play on first down 11 times (2 resulting in a Cassel scramble), including the first four possessions of the game and only called a rushing play 5 times.

    The Chiefs will lose every game with a first down pass/rush ratio lopsided towards the pass. The Broncos have a poor rush defense, incapable of matching up against the Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles… Only ofensive play calling can stop the Chiefs rush game.


    Until last week, I was not worried about the Broncos in the least. Then, the Chiefs went to Oakland and turned the entire offensive game plan over to Matt Cassel… Stepping away from the rush game… Now, the Broncos worry me. If the Chiefs cannot get back to running the ball on first down, they may be in trouble.

    Since there is no Betting the AFC West column this week, the line is Kansas City (-1.5) and the over/under is 43 points.

    I am taking the Chiefs to cover and the over, if you want to do a Chiefs/Broncos only mini-parlay…

    Kansas City Chiefs 27 – Denver Broncos 24

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    • Champ Bailey still has some skill but I don’t think he is a “shutdown corner.” You didn’t include him on your list of CB’s in a tier above Brandon Flowers, so I will say this: Flowers now is better than Bailey now, Champ is still a concern as is Brian Dawkins.

      As for Josh McDaniels, I think he genuinely wanted Matt Cassel but the Bears (and other teams) were willing to offer more for Cutler. McDaniels does know Cassel but he is an idiot in most other facets of the game.

      Good point on Weis. Passing on 1st down as often as the Chiefs did was a mistake. The Chiefs won’t get far if they can’t pass the ball but, as for this game vs. the Broncos, Weis doesn’t need to get cute. Run it again and again until they stop it. When the time comes, the pass will be set up.

    • I watched Bailey against Reggie Wayne earlier in the year and he did a pretty damn good job. Held him to four catches. That was the Austin Collie blow-up game, if you remember.

      The difference between the Colts and the Chiefs – the Chiefs don’t have ANY wide receivers outside of Bowe (who at best is a No. 2 on any other playoff team in this league). So taking Bowe away hurts the Chiefs much more than taking Wayne away hurts the Colts, with all the other weapons Manning is comfortable with.

      If I had Cassel or Bowe, I would not start them.

      As for the game plan last week with Weis, i think we’ll see more running for one main reason: Champ Bailey. I think the plan changed to try to take advantage of Asomugah not being there. With Bailey in there, Weis should change it to take advantage of what the Broncos don’t do well.

      That said, look for a steady dose of Moeaki. But unless McCluster plays, don’t expect a big game for Cassel. The weapons just don’t exist.

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