Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to fill out all those profile fields?

No. Authors MUST add their full name, a profile image with a picture of his/herself, a short bio and a Twitter account (posts are tweeted automatically with your Twitter name). All other fields are optional. Non-author users can fill in whatever they please.

What are the requirements for an article?

Articles must be a minimum of 100 words, include at least one tag, one category and include a featured image.

How do I set up My Advertising Code?

Currently, Chiefs Command only supports Google AdSense. To create an Adsense account, go to and register. Once registered, you can find your Publisher ID in the upper right of the AdSense dashboard. Log in to Chiefs Command and visit the Dashboard. Click on “My Advertising Code” and paste you entire Publisher ID in the box. It looks something like: pub-999999999

What are tags? How are they used?

Tags can be used to very quickly tell users what the post is about, a player’s name, for example… Something VERY short. Also, posts that contain the same tag will be grouped so readers can quickly click on the tag and find other posts that contain the same tag. On Crown Crazed, you are allowed to enter up to 5 tags. If you enter more, they will be removed automatically. Make tags as relevant as possible to your post.

What are categories? How are they used?

Categories are the main method used to group similar posts. Chiefs Command uses categories to identify the main Royals affiliate of the post (or MLB/fantasy/gambling/etc.).  Readers can click on the category and quickly find other posts in the same category. On Chiefs Command, you are allowed to select 1 category. If you select more than one, they will be removed automatically, keeping only the first category listed alphabetically.

How do I add a featured image?

While on the New Article page, scroll to the bottom right. Click “Set featured image”. Now upload an image, or select one from the “Media Library”. While viewing the image, scroll down and click “Use as featured image”.

How do I find an image size before uploading to use as Featured Image?

1st advice, to find an image, use Google Images. Once you have searched for an image, simply hover the image to see it’s size. You can also click “More sizes” to check if this image is available in a larger/smaller size. Choose an image that is larger than, but as close to 640px by 360px as possible. As well, on the left in Google Images, there is the option to search images that are “Larger Than…”. Select 640px by 480px if you are having a hard time finding an image otherwise.

What is Cite Your Source?

You may submit an article in relation to anything baseball you like, however, if the original source is from another place, such as a website, TV or Radio show or a Tweet, please cite it at the end of your post. Not all of the fields are required, but fill in as many as relevant. Examples:

  • Source Title – Article title, TV show name, radio show name, blog post title
  • Source URL – The full URL of the webpage where you found the information
  • Source Name – The writer of an article, the name of a website, a person who verbalized the information

Can I use Twitter as @ChiefsCommand?

Yes, if you have been given Author status on Chiefs Command, you may use Twitter as @ChiefsCommand. When you log in, go to the Dashboard. On the left, toward the top you will see the Twitter link. You may send tweets and reply to other people’s tweets. Do not misuse this, or you will be banned.

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