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What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans

Hey everyone. To sum it up, I had a family emergency that prevented me from posting last week. Obviously the What to Watch for thread is good luck because the only game week that we haven’t had one, is the only week we had to watch a Kansas City Chiefs loss. However, FEAR NOT my friends, we are back this week to talk about the Houston Texans game and we will keep chugging along like we never stopped.

Dwayne Bowe:

The first and main thing I will be watching this week will be the play of the infamous Dwayne Bowe. Maybe it’s the fact that he keeps screwing up my fantasy team, but something just isn’t clicking. After all of the offseason talk we heard saying that D-Bowe would be the ‘breakout player’ of the NFL and he would be this years big surprise, so far he has done nothing but prove to us what he has proved ever since his rookie year: he is not a #1 receiver. However, with a new week brings new hope. The Chiefs matchup against the NFL’s worst passing defense in the Texans. If there was ever a time for Dwayne to break out, this would be the time. I’m not ready to throw in the towel after 4 games.

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    Return Game:

    After giving us incredible promise in the preseason and especially after week 1, the return game has been almost non-existant. The benefit of having a dangerous return game on paper is that it makes your opponents spend that much extra time game planning for coverage instead of the offense or defense. However, for the Chiefs to continue to benefit from this luxury, they need to prove that they actually are a threat.

    Eric Berry:

    Let’s face it, after a shaky first couple of games, there haven’t been any big plays that can be blamed solely on Eric Berry. He has been very solid in helping with the run and has proven to be a force in the box. With that being said, Berry was drafted because everyone thought that he had playmaker abilities like Ed Reed. Now, i’m not asking Berry to have 10 picks and 4 TD’s this season, but he does need to prove that he is a game-changer. I can’t think of a better time for Eric to get his first NFL interception.

    All in all, a game that once was a long shot now appears to be an almost must win game for the Chiefs. If the Chiefs want to prove that they are for real and that they can beat anyone on any sunday, they need to go out and beat the Texans on sunday. Houston has one of the worst defenses in the league and a beat up offense. There is no reason the Chiefs can’t win this football game. I am very excited to see how the team reacts after a loss.

    Prediction (changed from last time):

    Kansas City Chiefs – 24

    Houston Texans – 13

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    • I don’t think this is a must-win game for the Chiefs. A road game against a similarly talented opponent isn’t necessarily must-win. if the Chiefs want to retain some respect, they might have to win this game but who will the Chiefs play that is any good after the Texans? They play the Chargers, the Titans and the rest are lesser opponents.

      Dwayne Bowe finally found a way to be consistently open in a game and he reminded us of his poor hands. Wide receivers are the worst position players to stock on a football team. That drop in the end zone was terrible. If I were Cassel this week, I would lose my voice yelling at these wide receivers.

    • I still want to see a BIG defensive play out of Eric Berry… You don’t draft a safety that high to have him stop the run… Mike Brown stopped the run last year…

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