Week Twelve: Stick a Fork in…

#1 Stick a fork in that Thanksgiving meal and enjoy!

#2 Stick a fork in the Kansas City Chiefs, they are done!

#3 Stick a fork in Tyler Palko, make room for Kyle Orton!

So, Chief fans knew going into last Monday night it was going to be a struggle. Surprisingly the first half showed some promise. Tyler Palko was moving the ball better than Matt Cassel had done in recent weeks. Thomas Jones was busting off some good runs. Hell, even the defense was getting to Tom Brady. Some of us had hope for a massive upset.

Then reality set in when the Patriots score 17 points in the third quarter and Palko starting turning the ball over. Nothing right happened after halftime. The Steelers should have a similar field day this Sunday. Stick a fork in the Kansas City Chiefs because they are done. Or are they?

The Chiefs are 4-6 and have barely struggled to put points on the board since their last win Halloween night. However, at 4-6 the Chiefs are only two games out from the division lead; a division that could be won by an 8-8 team. And now the Chiefs have a new starting quarterback that is better than a healthy Matt Cassel.

Kyle Orton immediately improves this team and claiming him was a steal as he cost the team nearly nothing this season and shouldn’t be on the hook for any guaranteed money next season. Granted Orton won’t start this Sunday and the Chiefs will likely fall to 4-7, however, Orton could help in the huge uphill climb they have in front of them to win the division. I know it’s a dream right now, but it could happen.

Say good-bye to Matt Cassel, when healthy he isn’t half the QB of Kyle Orton. Even if the Chiefs don’t win many more games this season Orton will be the veteran stop-gap for whoever the Chiefs select in the upcoming draft. Orton will be a much better mentor to a rookie than Cassel ever could have been. Even if Orton ends up doing little for the Chiefs he could potentially grant the Chiefs a compensatory draft pick if he leaves a free agent.

Fantasy wise I would stay away from anyone in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey. If you must start Dwayne Bowe then go ahead, he should see some passes thrown his way. However, this team fails to see the endzone so don’t expect much from him. Jackie Battle is a flex option at best if you have no other option as the Steelers are so good at stopping the run.

Week twelve Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Projections:

Tyler Palko: 195 yards passing, 1 TD, 3 INT
Thomas Jones: 25 yards rushing
Dexter McCluster: 25 yards rushing, 3 receptions for 15 yards
Jackie Battle: 40 yards rushing
Dwayne Bowe: 4 receptions for 65 yards, 1TD
Jonathan Baldwin: 2 receptions for 30 yards
Steve Breaston: 4 receptions for 55 yards
Leonard Pope: 3 receptions for 20 yards
Ryan Succop: 1/1 FG, 1/1 XP
Team Defense: 2 sack, 27 points allowed

[one_half last="no"]


QB: Matt Ryan Matt Stafford, Eli Manning
RB: Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Johnson, LeGarrette Blount
WR: Jordy Nelson, Steve Smith (CAR), Brandon Lloyd
TE: Owen Daniels, Fred Davis, Tony Gonzalez
K: Nick Novak, Matt Bryant, Olindo Mare
DEF: Steelers, Texans, Cardinals


[one_half last="yes"]


QB: Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB: Willis McGahee, All GB RBs, Jackie Battle
WR: Reggie Wayne, Sidney Rice, Dwayne Bowe
TE: Greg Olsen, Marcedes Lewis, Vernon Davis
K: Robbie Gould, Alex Henery, Nick Folk
DEF: Eagles, Giants, Ravens


[one_half last="no"]


Ryan Fitzpatrick
Maurice Morris
Ryan Torain
All Broncos WRs
Jon Baldwin
James Jones


[one_half last="yes"]


Kyle Orton
Kevin Smith
C.J. Spiller
Toby Gerhart
Joe McKnight
Jerome Simpson


There are five teams in the NFL that have two active QBs on their roster and each were drafted in the first round. One such team has two #1 overall picks at QB1 and QB2. Name the five teams and their QBs.

Bonus Question: There is one NFL team that has an undrafted QB1 and QB2, what team is it?



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  • You think the Chiefs give Orton a deal for 2012?

    Denver – Tebow, Quinn
    Raiders – Palmer, Boller
    Eagles – Vick, Young
    Vikings – Ponder, McNabb
    49ers – Smith, Kaepernick


    I tried this without looking at anything… Not even a list of NFL teams.

  • Nope, Kaepernick was #4 in the 2nd round.

  • Not the Bears for Bonus… Even before they signed Josh McCown. I forgot about that.

    I figured it all out… I didn’t even know that #1 overall pick was still in the NFL…

  • Has Kyle Orton ever led a team to the Playoffs?? 2005 he had a Rating of 59 when the Bears made the playoffs, since then he hasn’t done much. Cassel has went to the Playoffs 2 of 3 seasons he has Started. not to mention 3 different offensive coordinators. Cassel also had a 93 passer rating last year with only Bowe. Orton has nothing over Cassel.

  • Brian,
    Cassel has only gone to the playoffs once and that was last year and we saw how well he played in that game.

    Orton won 10 games a a rookie with the Bears.

    Orton is no superstar, I personally believe he is better than Cassel. But that is solely my opinion.

  • I hope Orton can help the Chiefs just don’t think his attitude is going to be right, he didn’t want to go to the Chiefs. Trust me I just want to win games and Orton couldn’t win games on Denver so I don’t think he can make the Chiefs any better. Guess we can only wait and see.

    They need to get Stanzi a few snaps just to see what he’s got.

  • @Brian – Cassel also had Moeaki and Charles and Jones… Not only Bowe. All those guys did a lot to get Cassel to a 93 passer rating.

    That being said, I would like Stanzi to start… This way the Stanzi supporters will be quieted as quickly as the Palko supporters.

    If I’m not mistaken, Orton never actually said he did NOT want to go to the Chiefs, he said he wanted to go to the Bears… and that makes sense. The Bears are in playoff contention. He knows the system. Has a relationship with the franchise, coaches and players.

    Orton is not stupid, there is NO way he has a negative attitude about starting at QB for the remainder of the season. The Chiefs are paying the remainder of his 2011 contract, ~$2.6 million, then he becomes a free agent.

    The remainder of the 2011 season is an audition for 2012, he knows this… And there is no way he is NOT excited about it.

    Seriously, Orton will be given the best receiving corp he has ever played with! He loves to throw the ball down-field, and he now has legit NFL caliber receivers at 3 WR spots (plus, you can count McCluster if you really want to).

    In fact, his comment after being claimed tell us so, “Just wanted everybody to hear it from me first,” he said. “I am happy to be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs. I got claimed today. I am excited about the last few days and I am looking forward to getting to know my teammates with the Chiefs.”

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