Week Thirteen: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

The Kansas City Chiefs almost beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and we all know the saying when it comes to the word “Almost.” If the Chiefs would have had an average QB in that game the outcome would have been different. Any other backup QB in the NFL would have won that game; unfortunately the Chiefs have a backup QB that shouldn’t even be in the NFL. OK, I know I might be exaggerating that any other backup could have won that game, but I know there could have been other QBs the Chiefs could have gotten in the offseason that could have been better prepared to start and win a game if Matt Cassel went out other than Tyler Palko.

Yes, Dwayne Bowe ran a bad route and didn’t even try to tip the ball away from the defender. However, the pass was even worse. Even if Bowe ran the route Palko though he was going to run the pass wouldn’t have been there. Besides, Palko was also throwing into quadruple coverage.

It looks like Todd Haley is going to start Tyler Palko again this week against the Chicago Bears, Chiefs fans aren’t sure why. I doubt Palko plays the entire game, Kyle Orton will be in my halftime. This is a winnable game for the Chiefs, but starting Palko gives the advantage to the Bears.

Fantasy wise does it even matter? OK, it might, only if you have Dwayne Bowe. Bowe should be the only Kansas City Chief owned in most leagues. Jonathan Baldwin is still an option in rare dynasty leagues. Even if you have Bowe I wouldn’t suggest staring him unless for a last ditch flex option. With the QB situation an absolute mess his production will suffer.

Week thirteen Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Projections:

Tyler Palko: 100 yards passing, 2 INT
Kyle Orton: 125 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT
Thomas Jones: 40 yards rushing
Dexter McCluster: 25 yards rushing, 3 receptions for 20 yards
Jackie Battle: 25 yards rushing
Dwayne Bowe: 6 receptions for 80 yards, 1TD
Jonathan Baldwin: 2 receptions for 25 yards
Steve Breaston: 4 receptions for 50 yards
Leonard Pope: 3 receptions for 25 yards
Ryan Succop: 1/1 FG, 1/1 XP
Team Defense: 2 sack, 25 points allowed

[one_half last="no"]


QB: Tim Tebow, Matt Stafford, Eli Manning
RB: LeGarrette Blount, Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch
WR: Jordy Nelson, Victor Cruz, Eric Decker
TE: Aaron Hernandez, Fred Davis, Brent Celek
K: John Kasey, Dan Bailey, Olindo Mare
DEF: Patriots, 49ers, Cowboys


[one_half last="yes"]


QB: Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB: Peyton Hillis, Shonn Greene, Steven Jackson
WR: Stevie Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Dwayne Bowe
TE: Greg Olsen, Owen Daniels, Jermaine Gresham
K: Nick Novak, Mike Nugent, Rob Bironas
DEF: Giants, Lions, Raiders


[one_half last="no"]


Any Chiefs QB
Any Chiefs RB
Chris Ogbonnaya
Lance Ball
Vincent Brown
Pierre Garcon


[one_half last="yes"]


Vince Young
Maurice Morris
Riley Cooper
Jonny Knox
Santana Moss
Lance Moore


No question this week, but for all you die hard NFL fans, who is your favorite undrafted NFL player and why?

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  • I am ready for fantasy to be over!

    In one league I am the 2nd highest scoring team in the league, yet sit at the bottom of my division with no playoff hopes due to a tie in week 12.

    In another league, I score well (6th of 12) and sit at the bottom of my division, while outscoring a 9-3 team.

    And in my final league, I lead the division, yet do not hold a single tie-breaker, so if I lose this week against #2 in the division… No playoffs. The #2 team has actually already clinched a playoff spot!

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