Week Four: Well, That Was Closer

I believe the Chiefs would have won Sunday’s game against the Chargers if they did one thing differently… Didn’t have Matt Cassel at QB! Luckily I am a Tom Brady owner and was able to win my fantasy game before Monday night. Cassel once again proved to the sports world that he is the worst QB in the NFL. His defense gave him the ball back late in the fourth quarter and he did nothing with it, well not exactly nothing… He proved he loves sharing and politely gave the ball away. FantasySharks even has Curtis Painter and Blaine Gabbert listed above Cassel this weekend, that is just sad for a guy who is coming off a ProBowl season.

We did see Cassel finally throw the ball downfield, especially toward Dwayne Bowe. It took until the second half for the play calling to eventually open up, but this is a good sign for Bowe owners. I still have high hopes for Dexter McCluster, especially this week. He managed to hold on to the ball better and was targeted more than I expected. I believe he is worth a flex start this week. I’m sad to admit I believe Thomas Jones has run out of gas, he may continue to get the start at RB for the Chiefs, but McCluster is the one who will be reaping the benefits from Jamaal Charles’s injury.

Stay away from all Chiefs players for now except Bowe and McCluster. I would trade Bowe if you can, especially after one more hot game. Follow my lead and see what McCluster can do, I think McCluster owners will continue to be pleasantly surprised by his performance going forward.

Week four Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Projections:

Matt Cassel: 200 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT
Thomas Jones: 50 yards rushing
Dexter McCluster: 45 yards rushing 1 TD, 5 receptions for 30 yards
Dwayne Bowe: 5 receptions for 80 yards, 1TD
Steve Breaston: 3 receptions for 20 yards
Jerheme Urban: 2 receptions for 25 yards
Leonard Pope: 4 receptions for 35 yards
Ryan Succop: 1/2 FG, 2/2 XP
Team Defense: 2 sack, 1 INT 23 points allowed
[one_half last="no"]




[one_half last="yes"]



  • QB: Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, Tony Romo
  • RB: Felix Jones, Reggie Bush, Shonn Greene
  • WR: Dwayne Bowe, Anquan Boldin, Brandon Lloyd
  • TE: Marcedes Lewis, Kellen Winslow, Chris Cooley
  • K: Matt Bryant, Nick Folk, Alex Henery
  • DEF: Patriots, 49ers, Cowboys


[one_half last="no"]



  • Sam Bradford
  • Thomas Jones
  • Reggie Bush
  • C.J. Spiller
  • Chad Ochocinco
  • Lee Evans
  • Hines Ward
  • Malcom Floyd
  • Zach Miller
  • Marcedes Lewis



[one_half last="yes"]



  • Matt Hasselbeck
  • Dexter McCluster
  • Bernard Scott
  • Kendall Hunter
  • Nate Washington
  • Torrey Smith
  • Sidney Rice
  • Greg Olsen
  • Jeff King
  • James Casey


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