Week 9: Close Calls, Good for Chiefs but Bad for Me

The Kansas City Chiefs had one hell of a close call against Buffalo, but still found a way to win.  It was ugly, but not as ugly as how my fantasy week ended.  I managed to lose by 0.28 points; I’ve never actually felt sick after losing a fantasy game.  I wish I would have been blown out, and then I would have known I wasn’t a fraction of a point away from a win and a huge division lead.  The Chiefs got lucky and won, too bad they stole some of that luck from me.

I can’t seem to understand the Chiefs, at least in the sense of fantasy projections.  They should have rolled the Bills and every offensive player should have posted huge fantasy numbers.  Granted the running game served well for owners of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, but Matt Cassel had the chance to actually prove he is a decent fantasy fill in QB.  His poor performance led to a large number of owners frantically clicking the DROP button.  Dwayne Bowe should have had his best day of the year, except he got a short yardage TD catch that I’m sure pissed off Charles and his owners.  Apparently Chris Chambers has quit this team; he finally was active and failed to see the field in the second half of the game.  Dexter McCluster is great for the Chiefs as opponents defenses have to always account for him, but he just isn’t getting the touches to have any fantasy value.  Granted he was inactive, but his previous games have only shown his value on special teams at best.  I will no longer be including Chambers or McCluster in my projections because no one in their right mind should have them on their fantasy roster. 

Newest Chiefs Posts

    This weekend is a huge game for the Chiefs and will be a huge indicator on who could win the AFC West.  The Raiders have posted over 90 points in their last two games and are hungry to explode against the Chiefs.  This doesn’t bode well for owners of Chief players.  If you are thinking about riding the Chiefs Defense/Special Teams this week then please look for another alternative.  Cassel should not be in your lineup this week either.  However, he always seems to prove me wrong.  There are other options available that will perform better this week.  Bowe is worthy of a flier this week if you have a number of injured or bye week WRs.  The only consistent thing going for the Chiefs in the fantasy world is the two-headed monsters at RB.  Go ahead and start Charles and Jones with confidence.  As each week goes by Charles has been getting more touches than Jones and has gotten more opportunities to visit the endzone.  Even with that said it’s never a sure thing which one of them will have the more productive game.  As much as I like Charles, my advice is to sell high and look for a more consistent fantasy player.      

    Week 9 projections for your Kansas City Chiefs:

    Matt Cassel: 180 yards, 1 TD
    Jamaal Charles: 85 yards, 1 TD, 3 catches 25 yards
    Thomas Jones: 80 yards, 1 catch 10 yards
    Dwayne Bowe: 6 catches 100 yards, 1 TD
    Tony Moeaki: 3 catches 40 yards
    Ryan Succop: 2/2 XP 1/1 FG
    Special Teams/Defense: 3 sack, 1 INT, 17 points allowed

    Around the League



    QB: Tom Brady, Michael Vick and Eli Manning

    RB: Matt Forte, LaDainian Tomlinson and Ahmad Bradshaw

    WR: Steve Smith (Both), Brandon Marshall and Patrick Crayton

    TE: Jacob Tamme, Ben Watson and Greg Olsen

    K: Dan Carpenter, Mason Crosby and Robbie Gould

    Defense: Giants, Saints and Vikings


    QB: Carson Palmer, Chad Henne and Matt Schaub

    RB: Cedric Benson, Jahvid Best and Ronnie Brown

    WR: Chad Ochocinco, Lee Evans and Deion

    TE: Brent Celek, Kellen Winslow and Tony Scheffler

    K: Nick Folk, Connor Barth and Matt Bryant

    Defense: Cowboys, Bengals and Dolphins

    If You Got’em, Drop’em:

    Donovan McNabb

    Felix Jones

    Carnell Williams

    David Gettis

    Kevin Walter

    Deion Branch

    Owen Daniels

    If You Need’em, Get’em:

    Matthew Stafford

    LeGarrette Blount

    Mike Hart

    Steve Breaston

    Nate Washington

    Darrius Heyward-Bey

    Jacob Tamme

    Week Nine Fantasy Mailbag:


    Ben writes:

    Who is a better pickup this week Keiland Williams or Tashard Choice?

    Ben, the Redskins are on a bye week so I would go with Choice for this week.  Williams may not be a bad addition for the future if you are thin at RB since he sees a lot of goal line snaps; if you’re looking for a fill in for just this week than Choice isn’t a bad pickup.  However, the Packers are good against the run and the Dallas offense is plain horrible.

    Jigbim writes:

    Why can’t I get a decent trade for Ryan Torain? Did too many “experts” say to sell high?

    Owners of Torain hopefully did sell high if they wanted to part with him.  However, some fantasy owners don’t like to trade for players with a short resume`.  Torain is an unproven fantasy RB; so many owners who missed getting him on waivers don’t want to part with a decent player for him.  My advice to you is to stay with him.  He is coming off a week with low yardage, but a TD.  Shanahan liked him in Denver, and he obviously likes him now in Washington.  Much like Shanahan didn’t like Portis in Denver and Portis’s injury gave him an excuse to start “his” guy.  I don’t see Portis coming back this season from a torn groin, if he does he won’t see many snaps.

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    • My biggest week 9 (and going forward) question, will Fitzpatrick be a reliable starter? I was lucky enough to pick him for the Ravens matchup, and even started him over Schaub last week, and will probably start him over Schaub again this week… There has been some interest in Scaub in a trade… I’m considering making a deal and rolling with Fitzpatrick from here out.

    • Travis, bold move to stick with the Harvard grad. I wish he was as good for the Bengals when he filled in for Palmer as he is now for the Bills. The Bills will no doubt always be playing from behind and throwing the ball. He is a top 5 fantasy QB judging from his average points scored and I see no reason why he wouldn’t keep that up. Trade Schaub as he has been horrible.

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