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Week 6: Can I get a High 5 (and 0)?

Man it was close but I squeaked out a week five win by three points to stay undefeated.  My fantasy win was sadly the best part of the weekends since the Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t join the undefeated ride with me.  Even with the Chiefs losing, fantasy owners got a better insight on what is to come for some of the Chiefs players.  The biggest thing that was noticed is that the Chiefs Defense is actually that good.  Giving up 19 points isn’t something one usually brags about, but only allowing 19 points to an extremely explosive offense actually is.  The Colts are a team that can easily go up by two or three touchdowns in a blink of an eye and the Chiefs D held them in check for a large part of the afternoon.  The rush defense had a few problems to fix, but their pass defense was remarkable.  For the first time in a while we saw the coaching staff finally give Jamaal Charles more carries than Thomas Jones.  Charles had a decent game and is still in the top three of the NFL in yards per carry.  Jones did take a secondary role on Sunday, but it is still too hard guess what will happen with these two backs on a week to week basis.  The passing game for the Chiefs is horrible and in my opinion will stay horrible as long as Matt Cassel remains the QB.  When the Chiefs dropped their game plan on Sunday, right after the interception, they began passing too much.  I think I recall Cassel making eight incompletions in a row.  Dwayne Bowe has the drops and the other receivers I guess are either invisible or Cassel just doesn’t have the skill set to look for more than one option when he drops back.  Cassel’s inability is Tony Moeaki’s gain as the young tight end has been on the receiving end of Cassel’s check downs.  This kid is starting to develop into a decent NFL tight end, and a weekly fantasy starter.  Along with Cassel, Chris Chambers and Dexter McCluster are becoming fantasy ghost, not even worth a waiver wire sniff.  Ryan Succop had a solid day, especially for fantasy owners, but he still doesn’t deserve to be added to a roster yet unless you’re in a really deep league.  Entering week six against the Houston Texans I can only suggest that the Chiefs Defense/Special Teams be worthy of a start, I stand by this as I am starting them this week and putting my undefeated season on the line by doing so.

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    Week 6 projections for your Kansas City Chiefs:

    Matt Cassel: 210 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

    Jamaal Charles: 75 yards, 1 TD, 2 catches 20 yards

    Thomas Jones: 40 yards, 1 catch 10 yards

    Dwayne Bowe: 4 catches 55 yards

    Chris Chambers: 3 catches 35 yards

    Dexter McCluster: 3 catches 45 yards

    Tony Moeaki: 5 catches 50 yards, 1 TD

    Ryan Succop: 2/2 XP 2/2 FG

    Special Teams/Defense: 3 sack, 1 INT, 24 points allowed

    Around the League


    QB: Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez and Vince Young

    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Ryan Torain and LaDainian Tomlinson

    WR: Percy Harvin, Mike Wallace and Jabar Gaffney

    TE: Tony Gonzalez, Zach Miller and Brent Celek

    K: Sebastian Janikowski, Nate Kaeding and Ryan Longwell

    Defense: Giants, Bears and Chargers


    QB: David Garrard, Kevin Kolb and Shaun Hill

    RB: Ronnie Brown, Peyton Hillis and Knowshon Moreno

    WR: Braylon Edwards, Dez Bryant and DeSean Jackson

    TE: Marcedes Lewis, Tony Scheffler and Jeremy Shockey

    K: Garrett Hartley, Matt Prater and Lawrence Tynes

    Defense: Cowboys, Redskins and Lions

    If You Got’em, Drop’em

    Carson Palmer

    Tim Hightower

    Marion Barber

    Mario Manningham

    Legedu Naanee

    Demaryius Thomas

    Kellen Winslow

    If You Need’em, Get’em

    Shaun Hill

    Earnest Graham

    Mike Hart

    Danny Amendola

    Steve Johnson

    Deion Branch

    Andrew Quarless

    Week Five Fantasy Mailbag:

    Matt Schaub, Houston Texans

    Matt Schaub... Killing your fantasy team softly...

    Travis writes:

    Matt Schaub has led me to a 1-4 record. Each loss has been by less than the difference of his average in 2009.  Is it time to go the FA route?
    Available for week 6: Garrard, Smith, Flacco. Fitzpatrick is also available, but on a bye.

    Travis, Schaub has underperformed so far this season, but the options you mentioned here aren’t much better.  Therefore I would stick with him for now.  If this is the same league you have Colston in then try and trade Colston for a QB upgrade.

    BigDForever writes:

    Ok, I have been offered:  Michael Turner, Greg Jennings & Louis Murphy
    In return I am giving away Jamaal Charles, Ryan Torain & Steve Smith (NYG)
    My team right now is:
    J. Charles
    Ryan Mathews
    M. Barber
    R. Bush
    R. Torain
    A. Boldin
    S. Smith (NYG)
    S. Moss
    D. Keller
    I am nervous cause Charles looks like a stud and with more carries coming he is going to be a beast.  Also Torain is my current flex spot and he could be big to.

    BigDForever, TAKE THE TRADE!  Turner so far has been much better than Charles; Jennings is a top tier WR.  Charles could, and that’s a big could, find his game and return to his 2009 form, but you know what you have with Turner.  Steve Smith has been a complete fantasy bust this year so if you can trade him now and get this package you got to do it.  Torain may be a sleeper, but you’re getting some much better talent in return on this trade.  I wish the owner who offered this to you was in my league.

    Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants

    Ahmad Bradshaw, becoming a fantasy must-start

    Steve writes:

    I need 2 backs 2 receiver and a WR/RB as a flex out of these guys?
    R. Mendenhall at CLE
    A. Bradshaw vs. DET
    A. Foster vs. KC
    LT at DEN
    M. Floyd
    H. Nicks
    R. Moss
    A. Johnson
    I am completely torn and have been starting the wrong guy, and I feel I have a strong and deep team.

    Steve, damn that’s a deep team!  Do you have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning too?  How can you be starting the wrong guy?  For your two RBs start Mendenhall and Bradshaw.  For the two WR I’d go with Nicks and Johnson (keep an eye on his injury status).  I’d then suggest LT as your flex option.

    John writes:

    I feel like my RB situation isn’t the best right now, but I have a lot of depth at WR/TE (TE not required in my league). My team looks like this:
    QB: Rivers, Henne
    RB: Rice, Tolbert, P. Thomas, C. Williams, Stewart, C. Taylor
    WR/TE: Wayne, Boldin, Holmes, J. Finley, Celek, Hester, Naanee, Edelman, S. Rice
    D/ST: Packers, Falcons
    Do I need to make a trade for another RB, and if so who should I trade and what could I get for him/them.

    John, as an FYI Finley will probably be out for the season.  I think you should stay put on trading right now.  The only two WRs you have worthy of trading are Wayne and Boldin.  If you trade one of those guess then you’re in the same boat as before only dealing with a lack of WRs.  Rice is a stud and when Thomas is healthy he is a good option.

    Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants

    Hakeem Nicks, becoming a consistent must-start

    Daniel writes:

    I’m in a 10 team standard league.  We start 1 QB, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF.  I have Big Ben and Vick at QB, Miles Austin, Randy Moss, Nicks, Floyd, and Knox at WR, Jamaal Charles, Mathews, Greene, and Beanie at RB, Celek and Hernandez at TE, Gostkowski at K, and Giants DE.  The huge dilemma is that I have 4 stud WRs for only 3 spots.  I want to trade 1 WR (preferably Moss) to upgrade a different position but which position do I need to upgrade?  It’s killing me having to bench a superstar WR every week!  Please help me!

    Daniel, if you were in my league you would be king!  Keep Austin, Moss and Nicks.  All of your RBs are underperforming so far so ship a WR for a better RB.  You might want to look at getting another QB unless Vick can come back and shine.  Defiantly try and get an upgrade at RB.

    Justin writes:

    Here’s a bit of a long one.  First off, do I definitely drop Finley now or wait to see if he’s out for the season or the 8-10 weeks and just wait til he comes back for the playoffs in case he does make it back this season.  As for his replacement(s), I’ve already picked up your boy Moeaki, but I’m thinking I should add a little depth.  Here are my choices:
    Heath Miller (with Big Ben coming back) or Pettigrew.
    Also, I have Michael Bush and McFadden’s owner wants him.  He has Aaron Hernandez. Should I just make that trade?  My other running backs are P. Thomas, Addai, F. Jones, and T. Jones.

    Justin: As I mentioned in another question above, Finley is probably out for the season so drop him.  Moeaki is a decent replacement but you obviously have some options.  If dropping Finley opens a roster spot then I would suggest adding Pettigrew since he has actual performed well so far this season.  If you have no need for Bush then go ahead with the Hernandez trade.  Each option is good for you, but I feel they are both equal.  Hernandez does have a stable QB situation, whereas I’m not sure if Pettigrew will get as many targets when Stafford comes back for the Lions.  All options will help your team; however I can’t find one that is far greater than the other.

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    • B, That’s what I thought with Schaub… I was never planning on dropping him, but I’m starting to get worried that my season will crash with him!

    • @ChiefsCommand will bowe come out to play this week?

    • @jkdalrymple – Doubt it. Bowe is one of the most over-rated players in the NFL. It seems that everyone outside of Kansas City seems to think he will “break out.”

    • @jkdalrymple answered your question here –… #Chiefs

    • Big Ben or Rodgers this week?

    • PPR League, pick 1
      Malcolm Floyd @ Stl, Greg Jennings vs Mia, Brandon Lloyd (leads NFL in receiving yds) vs NYJ

    • @Dan – Aaron Rodgers is the best fantasy QB, no matter the passing options on the team, and is a MUST start every week. No doubt he will play this week.

      Everyone seems to think Roethlisberger will simply step and be a stud… Don’t bank on it. Wait to see at least one solid performance from him… Or try to trade him to improve in another area.

    • Help me improve:

      QB- Cutler, Eli

      RB- S Jax, Mendy, Best, Forte, Torain, and Lynch

      WR- Austin, Boldin, Ward and Bryant

      TE- Davis, Zach Miller

      D/ST- Eagles

      K- Scobee

      16 teamer

    • @Jim – I like Brandon Lloyd… It seems as if the Broncos can pass on anybody! Not to mention Brandon Lloyd is a KC area kid… I always root for him.

      NOTE: I am starting him in a PPR league as well!

    • @sfgiantsfan46 – WOW! That’s a great lineup for a 16 team league. I’m not really sure where you can improve in a league that deep.

      Ward should get a nice boost with Roethlisberger back, that’s the only improvement I can see right now…

    • Who should i start in my WR/RB flex position this weekend? My other starting RB are Chris Johnson and Ryan matthews and WR are Wes welker and marques colston.

      Shone Greene
      Joseph Addai
      Brandon Jackson

      Johnny Knox

    • @frs1214 – I would go with Joseph Addai. He is expected to play, and is the featured back in Indy.

    • Should I start Mercedes Lewis or Brent Celek as my TE this week?

    • @smoke signals2 – I would go with Celek. I don’t trust the Jags to be consistent in any aspect of the game.




    • @mlimon224 – Foster, Forte, Torain… They are all featured backs. San Diego doesn’t seem to be overly confident in Mathews.

    • Can you help with mine…which 1 player should I NOT start?

      M. Bush @ San Fran

      Torain vs IND

      Desean Jackson vs ATL

      Dustin Keller @ DEN


    • @sprengel10 – Bench Keller… He has been great up to this point in the season, but I simply wouldn’t start a TE over 2 week 6 feature backs and an upper tier WR.

    • Would you start Rodgers against Miami or Orton againts the Jets?

    • @185Goal – This is the first time this season I have recommended to bench Orton. It is apparent the Broncos can pass on anyone, but Aar9on Rodgers is the BEST QB in all of fantasy football and should NEVER be benched.

      In fact, I would recommend trying to trade either Rodgers or Orton for a stud at another position. The saying is true in fantasy football as well… “If you have two QBs you have no QB at all…” Meaning of course, 2 stud QBs in this sense.

    • Should I try to trade Desean Jackson away? Who should I go for and how much do I have to give?

    • @Winnaaaaa – I wouldn’t worry about Jackson, but if you are worried, go for it! Jackson should have enough NAME value that you can get a up and coming stud in return.

      Need help at:
      WR – Go for Brandon Lloyd
      RB – Go for Peyton Hillis
      QB – Go for Kyle Orton

    • shoon greene and beanie wells for knowshon moreno

    • @westbrook47 – Wow… That’s a tough one… I was really high on Moreno coming into 2010, and he is a stud when healthy… But man, he’s been killing me by riding my bench all year.

      The problem, Greene is now a backup and Wells did not produce when given the starting job… So, will he keep the job?

      I would go with the Moreno side of the deal… For now…

    • A guy jus dropped steve smith of the panthers, should i dropp steve johnson of the bills for him?

    • @pack66390 – 1st, I would say that if you have a 2nd kicker of defense or a mid-low end 2nd TE, drop them to to pick up Smith (CAR)… Otherwise, HELL yes!

      The Carolina offense is horrible, but there is no other option in the passing game.

      Johnson is still more of a gamble because not much is known about him… and it’s not as if the Bills are much more of an offensive power-house.

    • I gave: Fitzgerald and Bradshaw I got: Calvin Johnson and Felix Jones How did I do? Did I make my team better? thanks

    • @Ballin4Him2 – Unfortunately, I don’t think you won this deal.

      True, Fitz is down, but stud players ALWAYS come around, and in my opinion, Fitz and Andre Johnson are the 2 best WRs in the NFL.

      Also, Bradshaw is becoming a must-start week in and week out… Jones is still the back-up in Dallas.

    • Should i start Matt ryan or Joe flacco this week

    • @pack66390 – A lot of the “experts” like Flacco as a sleeper starter this week, so do I.

      That being said, I wouldn’t bench Ryan to take a chance on a sleeper.

    • So this is what I have currently:

      QB- Vince Young
      RB1- LT
      RB2- Ryan Mathews
      WR1- Randy Moss
      WR2- Kenny Britt
      Flex- Nate Washington
      TE- Vernon Davis
      D- NYG
      K- Folk

      B- Matt Ryan
      B- Marshawn Lynch
      B- Hines Ward
      B- Johnny Knox
      B- Marcedes Lewis
      B- Vinatieri

      I just picked up Young this week and kinda like starting him with Britt and Washington, but I’m open to opinions. Also, I’m trying to figure out what to do regarding Mathews and Lynch- not sure how many touches Mathews will see as he’s still recovering and I think SD will be up early, but also Lynch hasn’t been doing well and the hawks are playing the Bears this week, but he is on a new team and could get the majority of touches.

      What are your thoughts?

    • @tkeds – I like Young as a sleeper… But I wouldn’t bench Ryan for him.

      I don’t like Mathews at all… And it appears the Chargers don’t have must faith in him yet either… Lynch is a tough play, but I think he has more upside this week.

    • I have zach miller and andrew quarless of the packers, should i drop quarless for steve smith or should i drop steve johnson for smith, which one would u reccemend?

    • @pack66390 – I would drop Quarless… Miller has been productive, no need to carry 2 TEs.

    • In a PPR League, 2 questions:

      Pick 1 RB: Green-Ellis vs. BAL, F. Jones @ MIN, or M. Tolbert @STL?

      Pick 1 WR: Maclin vs ATL, S. Smith (NYG) vs DET, or K. Walter vs. KC? I also have M. Manningham, but he has been shut out for two weeks.

    • @imf2006 – 1 – Felix Jones, he is getting more carries now… Hopefully for good. I don’t trust Tolbert or Green-Ellis

      2 – I would go with Steve Smith. I like the best out of the 3 NYG WRs… The problem is picking the right one each week, however, in a PPR league, Smith has has 2 pretty good weeks. Not to mention, the least number of targets he has had in a single week in 8.

    • Start-Sit Question:

      PPR and Return league:

      Pick three from these WR’s:

      Austin — R. Moss — Harvin — Lloyd — Welker — Ward

      Pick two from the RB’s:

      MJD — A. Foster — McCoy

      I know these seem like studs but I’ve been burnt three weeks now for choosing the wrong combination of these guys.

    • @DYosh15 – WRs: Moss and Welker should NEVER be on the bench. Also, Llyod warrants a start in EVERY format!

      RBs: I would go with Jones-Drew and McCoy. The Chiefs are shout against the run, and Foster is coming off a pretty unproductive week. A more healthy Andre Johnson means more deep passing game as well.

    • pick two to start this week

      Ben Jarvus Green-ellis
      Arian Foster
      Michael Bush
      Darren Mcfadden

      let me know why as well please …..I was thinking foster and bush

    • @beastishbeimler – I would go with Foster and Bush. Honestly none are very good options this week. Foster is going against the tough Chiefs rush D and Andre Johnson is back and mostly healthy… This means more deep passing game.

      Bush will get the start in Oakland, but McFadden may or may not play and take carries away.

      I simply don’t like or trust Green-Ellis at all… Try to deal him to someone who does.

    • I am in need of a must win to give me some breathing room from the pack. I am injury plagued and I am not sure who to start. Who do I start for my best chance. Thanks!

      Starters as of now

      Qb.Tony Romo
      Rb.Michael Turner.
      Rb.Michael Bush.
      Flex.Peyton Hillis (Q) vs the Steelers.
      Wr.Malcom Floyd.
      Wr.Mike Williams(TB) (Q) vs the Saints.
      Te. Zach Miller.
      D/St Giants


      Calvin Johnson (Q) vs NYG
      Ronnie Brown
      Ryan Torain
      Kenny Britt
      Brandon Pettigrew

    • @JonesZZZ0 – I would start Johnson instead of Williams… Watch closely tomorrow morining, of course, but I think Johnson will play.

      The only other possible change would be Torain for Hillis. That Steelers D is stout… But I really like Hillis for the remainder of the 2010 season.

    • Hi, Can you please choose the starters?
      1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex(RB/WR), , 1 DEF
      Ben Rothlisberger vs Cleaveland
      Michael Vick vs Atl

      Frank Gore vs Oak
      Jamaal Charles vs Hous
      Rashard Mendenhall vs Cle
      Ryan Torrain vs Ind

      Malcom Floyd vs Stl
      Hakeem Nicks vs Det
      Roddy White vs Phi

      Giants vs Det
      Ravens vs NE

      Thank you, I hope you can help me.

    • @Travis Pflanz

      Thanks for the input!

    • @Meet Patel – QB: Roethlisberger, Kolb is starting in Philly
      RB: Mendenahall and Gore are always MUST starts
      WR: White is always a must start. Go with Floyd, pretty hot right now
      FLEX: Nicks… Also very hot right now.
      D: I can’t justify benching the Ravens

    • @tkeds – No prob… Best of luck! Feel free to submit your questions each week for our Fantasy Mailbag:

    • i give austin and addai i get driver and turner

      my 3 keepers could be austin rice and sjax or rice s jax and turner

    • @Kevin – A tough one… I like it!

      I am actually deciding on an Addai deal as well. If this is a PPR league, I sayNo WAY, keep Austin.

      If it is standard scoring… Wow, it’s a tough one….

      I think I like the wider gap in talent/production of Austin/Driver more than the talent/production gap of Turner/Addai.

      Keep Austin and Addai. Remember, Addai is also a featured back when healthy, plus it doesn’t appear as if the Colts will lock up home field advantage early this year…Meaning Addai should play throughout the entire fantasy season.

    • thx man he is gonna p.o’ed that ill change my mind lol

    • @Kevin – Good luck to you! That’s the toughest question I had all day.

      Feel free to submit your questions each week for our Fantasy Mailbag:

      Our Fantasy Guru is much smarter than I am… We play in the same league and it’s always me and him in the playoffs, but he knows way more about fantasy.

    • how long does he take to respond?

    • @Kevin – I imagine he will check his email sometime this evening… Not 100% though.

    • oh ok, man im on the fence with this trade bro lol

    • Yeah, my bench management has been atrocious this season. I’m 1-4 and SHOULD be 4-1. Even in my win, I had a guy on my bench with 50.5 points. (Jahvid Best, week 2) Needless to say, Fantasy just doesn’t hold the same appeal right now. haha.

    • @Jason – So, no better for you last week? I feel your pain! I’m in one PPR keeper league with Brandon, where I started 0-2, but have won 3 in a row to take the division lead and am now the 3rd highest scorer in the league.

      My other league is a .5 PPR keeper… I’m 1-4, but my roster looks good… It sucks! I play the division leader this week and if I lose I’m fire selling everything for 2011 draft picks. I listed the “prices” for each player and it’s going to be first come first served to the first owner to send me an offer that meets my price.

      Some of my roster:
      Matt Schaub
      Ahmad Bradshaw
      Clinton Portis/Ryan Torain
      Felix Jones
      Brandon Marshall
      Larry Fitzgerald
      Calvin Johnson
      Marques Colston
      Santonio Holmes

    • No, all the guys I benched the week before I started this week. Plus, I have Finley. I thought Sam Bradford would have been a good start against Detroit. Reggie Wayne did NOTHING.

      The no-brainer Chargers vs. Raiders pick screwed me, as the Jets defense actually did better against the Vikes. The no-brainer decisions are killing me this year. Nothing seems to make sense anymore.

      Up is down, black is white, dogs and cats living together. It’s mass hysteria.

    • I hear ya…

      Maybe you should just submit your roster to Brandon and let him tell you who to start!

      Of my 4 losses, 3 have been less than the difference of Schaub’s game score and his average in 2009… Schaub is killing me, but he’s too good to drop, and nobody will trade for him…

      I’m thinking about going the FA route this week for a QB. Available for week 6: Garrard, Smith, Flacco. What do you think?

    • Nah, stay with Schaub. He’s better than any of those guys – except maybe Smith, just because he loses a lot and throws late.

      And here’s what’s funny. My buddies come to me for advice, yet I give them better advice than I give myself. haha.

    • That’s probably what I will do.

      I know that story about advice all too well…

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