Week 5: 4 and Oh!

There really isn’t anything better than when my favorite team is undefeated, not to mention when the Kansas City Chiefs are doing good as well.  Like the Chiefs, my beloved Banana Slugs are the only remaining undefeated team.

Luckily this week I don’t have to go back and recall how horrible my Chiefs fantasy predictions were since they had their bye week.  It was great to see the offense finally do enough for fantasy owners to be happy about.  Even though there was fantasy potential in their last game, I’d be really cautious about starting any Kansas City Chief this week as they head to Indy.

Yes, I’m aware the Colts lost to the horrible Jaguars, but it was on a miraculous 59 yard field goal.  I believe because of this loss it’ll be harder for the Chiefs to win this week, the Colts are going to be pissed to say the least and won’t let another underdog sneak up on them.  With that said, we have learned that the Colts seem to have a weak run defense.  This bodes well for the two-headed monster that is Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  Unless the Chiefs find themselves way behind early, they should be running the ball every chance they can.  Once again, I think Charles and Jones will split carries with a nod going to Jones to see more rushes.

I don’t expect much from Matt Cassel this week or from any of the wide receivers.  Tony Moeaki should continue his production as he has become a valuable target for Cassel and a solid play for many fantasy owners.

Ryan Succop has been kicking well so far, but there are much better options available at kicker right now.  The Chiefs Defense/Special Teams should not be in your starting lineup this week, or even next week against the Texans, however, with a weak schedule coming up after week six they should be retained until then.  As well as the defense has played so far there is the potential for Peyton Manning to find all the weaknesses.

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    Week 5 projections for your Kansas City Chiefs:

    • Matt Cassel: 175 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
    • Jamaal Charles: 70 yards, 1 TD, 2 catches 25 yards
    • Thomas Jones: 80 yards, 1 catch 10 yards
    • Dwayne Bowe: 3 catches 40 yards, 1 TD
    • Chris Chambers: 2 catches 25 yards
    • Dexter McCluster: 2 catches 30 yards
    • Tony Moeaki: 4 catches 45 yards
    • Ryan Succop: 1/1 XP 2/3 FG
    • Special Teams/Defense: 1 sack, 0 INT, 24 points allowed

    Around the League


    • QB: Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford and Joe Flacco
    • RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Cedric Benson and Fred Jackson
    • WR: Hakeem Nicks, Terrell Owens and Donald Driver
    • TE: Chris Cooley, Zach Miller and Brent Celek
    • K: Neil Rackers, Robbie Gould and John Carney
    • Defense: Saints, Bears and Bengals


    • QB: Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb and Vince Young
    • RB: Brandon Jackson, Shonn Greene and Joseph Addai
    • WR: Brandon Lloyd, Santana Moss and Michael Crabtree
    • TE: Owen Daniels, Greg Olsen and Todd Heap
    • K: Adam Vinatieri, Jay Feely and Ryan Longwell
    • Defense: Chiefs, Redskins and Titans

    If You Got’em, Drop’em

    • Derek Anderson
    • Laurence Maroney
    • Justin Forsett
    • Louis Murphy
    • Devin Aromashodu
    • Lee Evans
    • Owen Daniels

    If You Need’em, Get’em

    • Sam Bradford
    • Ryan Torain
    • Michael Bush
    • Roy Williams
    • Mike Williams (TB)
    • Eddie Royal
    • Brandon Pettigrew

    Week Four Fantasy Mailbag:

    Travis writes:

    Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints

    Marques Colston, still a fantasy viable WR

    Tell me what you think about the WRs in New Orleans… Is Colston done as a top fantasy option, or does game planning for Reggie Bush really take that much away from the coverage on Colston? Or is this simply Drew Brees spreading the ball around?

    Travis, bottom line I believe it is just a matter of Brees spreading the ball around.  Colston still remains a solid fantasy option; the problem is he is never consistent.  He’ll have 1 catch for 65 yards and a TD one week then 6 catches for 35 yards the next.  There are defiantly other owners out there who will trade for Colston on name value alone, seek them out.

    Jordan writes:

    With Randy Moss back in Minnesota who takes his spot in New England, anyone worth adding to my roster?

    Jordan, looks like Welker will be seeing more receptions coming his way; however he isn’t a deep threat.  Many of the “experts” were high on Julian Edelman before the season started, an early injury has limited his production, but again he isn’t a deep target.  Brandon Tate is most likely the guy to replace Moss.  Danny Woodhead will be seeing more catches as well.  Tate might be worth a waiver pickup but not a starter.  The Patriots might become a team more focused on the run with Woodhead and BenJarvis Green-Ellis and stick with a short passing attack.

    Todd writes:

    Now that he is in Seattle does Marshawn Lynch have any value?  I’ve stashed him on my bench hoping he’d get traded, however I’m not very excited about him going to Seattle, I was hoping it be Green Bay.

    Todd, I think many of those who held on to Lynch hoping he would get traded weren’t too happy to hear the news he is headed the Seattle.  Green Bay would have been a nice situation for him.  There hasn’t been a solid running game in Seattle since Shaun Alexander’s MVP season, and I don’t see Lynch improving it much.  He is an upgrade over Justin Forsett, but I think it’ll take some time to get him acclimated.  He’ll have a chance to start again, so he has value as a #3 RB once he learns the offense.

    Ryan Torain, Washington Redskins

    Ryan Torain should thrive while filling in for injured Clinton Portis

    Tony writes:

    My team has underperformed so far, and I am 1-3.  I was offered two trades, which I normally would not consider, but due to unproductive play, I am considering these two trades I was offered: Reggie Wayne for Jamaal Charles and Mark Clayton or Hines Ward for Ryan Torain and Percy Harvin or Lance Moore.
    Here is my current team:
    QBs: Palmer, Cutler, Ryan
    RBs: Tuner, Barber, Felix Jones, Michael Bush
    WRs: Wayne, Colston, Ward, Knox, Demaryius Thomas
    TE: Shiancoe
    What should I do?

    Tony, you have to keep Wayne since he has more value than Charles or Clayton.  Ward has been a fantasy bust so for this season, his numbers might improve with Big Ben back but I would trade him for Ryan Torain and Percy Harvin in a heartbeat.  Clinton Portis is out 3-5 weeks and Torain has proven in limited touches that he is capable to take over.  Harvin is a solid option at WR, a much better option than Ward.  If you complete this trade try to shop Colston for a better QB option.

    Kris writes:

    I have both Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, which one should I start?

    Kris, take a quarter out of your pocket and flip it… heads for Charles, tails for Jones.  Honestly, I believe they will have very similar numbers this week.  Jones is the Chiefs starter so he might get more carries, however it’s too tough to know which will see the endzone.

    Peyton Hillis, Cleveland Browns

    Peyton Hillis, legit fantasy stud in 2010

    Steve writes:

    Should I trade Tom Brady for Drew Brees?  What do you think about Peyton Hillis and Randy Moss for Frank Gore and Roddy White?

    Steve, there really isn’t a huge difference fantasy wise between Brady and Brees, I’d give a slight edge to Brees, but there isn’t a need for the trade.  Hillis has been incredible so far this season, but with Moss learning a new system I would defiantly take Gore and White for Hillis and Moss, no hesitation.

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