Week 4: Bye the Way… Fantasy Football Mailbag

Being a fantasy football addict and a Kansas City Chiefs fan I’m unsure which 3-0 I love best, my fantasy record or the Chiefs overall record.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chiefs, but no matter how well they do this season their record won’t win me any money when it’s all over.

It’s entering week four of the NFL season and we have finally started to see which players are emerging as stars, those who are underperforming, those who are overachieving and those we need to just get rid of.  This week contains no projections for Chiefs players as they are on their bye week.  This may be just as good because I’m obviously doing a horrible job at predicting their stats each week.  When it looked liked their offense would be good versus the Browns it wasn’t, I didn’t think they would do much versus the 49ers and they tore them apart.  However, for the most part, the offensive players for the Chiefs have made a minimal fantasy impact so far this season.  Last week gave a glimmer of hope to fantasy players that own Chiefs members that they may start to produce.  Jamaal Jones and Thomas Charles (yes, that’s what I meant to type) seem to be the exact player fantasy wise, thus the reason for the name switch.  Week three was the best week for both of them and they had similar stats.  Dwayne Bowe finally showed us some production last week; fantasy owners probably had him on their bench however.  Tony Moeaki not only made the greatest catch of the year so far, but is also a great waiver wire catch for many owners.  If he is available in your league, get him now.  Matt Cassel still remains in the fantasy basement regardless of his stats from the 49er game.

Around the League


QB: Matt Ryan, Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez

RB: Cedric Benson, Darren McFadden and Matt Forte

WR: Austin Collie, Jeremy Maclin and Donald Driver

TE: Jermichael Finley, Dustin Keller and Aaron Hernandez

K: Jeff Reed, Robbie Gould and Sebastian Janikowski

Defense: Saints, Colts and Falcons


QB: Joe Flacco, Alex Smith and Carson Palmer

RB: Ray Rice, Clinton Portis and Peyton Hillis

WR: Steve Smith (both), Calvin Johnson and Michael Crabtree

TE: Owen Daniels, Heath Miller and Todd Heap

K: John Kasey, Lawrence Tynes and Garrett Hartley

Defense: 49ers, Redskins and Patriots

If You Got’em, Drop’em

Fred Taylor

Jerome Harrison

Robert Meachem

Bernard Berrian

If You Need’em, Get’em

BenJarvis Green-Ellis

Peyton Hillis

Lance Moore

Brandon Lloyd

Week Four Fantasy Mailbag:

DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles

DeSean Jackson, becoming a legit fantasy stud!

Sean writes:

My team, 12 team non-PPR (Start: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE, 1D/ST, 1K)
QB: Matt Schaub
RB: Chris Johnson, Ryan Mathews, Tim Hightower, Cadillac Williams, Keiland Williams
WR: Mike Sims-Walker, Louis Murphy, Jabar Gaffney, Robert Meachem
TE: Dustin Keller, Owen Daniels
I give: Ryan Mathews and Owen Daniels
I get: DeSean Jackson
I give: Ryan Mathews, Tim Hightower, Mike Sims-Walker, and Owen Daniels
I get: Cedric Benson and DeSean Jackson

Which trade should I pursue?

Sean, defiantly pursue the second trade.  The first offer is good, but the second is far superior.  Hightower will lose his starting job soon, Sims Walker is too inconsistent, Owen Daniels is invisible right now and Mathews has yet to prove anything.  DeSean Jackson is quickly becoming a fantasy stud and I would do whatever I could to land him, he would be a huge upgrade over your current WRs.  Benson is also a great addition and will be better than the two RBs you’re trading away.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick, biggest fantasy surprise of 2010?

Keegan Writes:
My Team, 14 team league
QB Brees, Vick
RB Mendenhall, Addai, Portis, Jacobs
WR Austin, Marshall, S. Moss, Mason, Henderson
TE Gonzo

Trade Partners Team
QB Favre, Henne
RB SJax, Turner, Slaton
WR Collie, Harvin, Dez, TO, VJax
TE Gates, Keller


Trying to sell Vick to this guy because Favre stinks. I would like to upgrade at RB and maybe nab Gates if I can…. What do you guys think I could trade?

Keegan, I agree you need to sell Vick high now while you can, especially since you have Brees.  With injuries to Jackson and Turner he might want to unload them, but do you really want those injured RBs?  Gates is a stud at TE and if you could get him straight up for Vick I would do it.  If he is willing to give you a RB than that’s a bonus.

Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw, legit #1 fantasy RB since Jacobs's tantrum?

Ryan writes:

My current RBs are: Pierre Thomas, Ray Rice, Knowshon Moreno, and Ahmad Bradshaw
My current QBs are: Mike Vick and Brett Favre

What are your thoughts on trading Mike Vick and Ahmad Bradshaw for Drew Brees and Shonn Greene? Appreciate your thoughts

Ryan, seems like an even trade to me.  I believe Brees is a better option at QB than Vick, but Bradshaw is far better than Greene.  I believe Greene is inches away from playing behind LT and missing out on a ton of carries.  It depends on how your scoring systems are set up, if it greatly favors the QB then go after Brees.  However, I think your better staying with Vick and Bradshaw.

Jesse writes:


I’m in a 12 team league and in need of a 3rd RB in a serious way, and have an excess of quality QB’s. My first question is who do you think has more value to me for the remainder of the year, Vick or Big Ben? 2nd question is, would either of those guys be sufficient to deal one for either MJD, LeSean McCoy, or Knowshon Moreno? I know Knowshon would work, but I’d rather target the first two.

The guy I’m looking to deal with has Eli Manning as his starter, and Alex Smith as a backup…not great, but we are in a QB heavy league where we “have” to start 1 QB, but can start up to 3 thanks to 2 FLEX spots. In comparison, I have Brees, Phil Rivers, Vick and Big Ben, just to illustrate QB importance…but I only need 3.

Jesse, wow interesting league!  You do have an excess of QB to deal with.  Vick has started the season better than he ever did while in Atlanta.  Big Ben obviously hasn’t played yet and has fewer weapons that Vick has.  The problem is when does Andy Reid decide to play Kolb again?  If Vick continues his play he has more long term value, however right now he has more trade value than Big Ben does.  Of the RBs you are targeting I like McCoy the best.  MJD has been slow out of the gate and Moreno has proven in his short career that he has problems remaining healthy.  I’d target McCoy, but if you really need the RB help anyone will do.

Dan writes:

Was thinking of Proposing Ronnie Brown and Greg Jennings, for either Cedric Benson and Braylon Edwards (or Ochocinco), or DeAngelo Williams and Steve Smith NYG
Are these fair offers, and which 1 of the 3 RB’s do you think will finish the season with the best numbers?

Dan, if I were you I would stick with Brown and Jennings.  None of the other players you are trying to get in return are producing that much better than those two if at all.  Between the three RBs you mentioned I believe that Benson will finish the season with better numbers, However I wouldn’t give up Jennings to get him.

Jacoby Jones, Houston Texans

Jacoby Jones, solid FLEX option in week 4?

Andrew writes:

Will Jacoby Jones be a good flex play this week?
Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are on a bye, so it’s either him, Forsett, or Crabtree that I have to choose one.

Andrew, really good question, I have Austin on bye as well and looking for a value flex addition.  I would closely monitor Andre Johnson’s injury status this week.  If he looks like a no-go then Jones would be a good flex option.  However, I would go with Forsett as your flex option.  He is getting a majority of the carries and the last time he played the Rams he went for 130 yards rushing and two TDs.

Remember fans to continue sending me your questions about lineups and trades.

Good luck and have a great week four!

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  • I made a pretty good fantasy trade this week.. at least i hope. i gave someone mike vick and ahmad bradshaw for Michael Turner. (bradshaw was my #2 RB behind Mendenhall before the trade). whatchu think?

  • oh and i had tom brady so its not like getting rid of vick was a big deal

  • B, nice write-up. I'm lovin' the fantasy mailbag!

    I'm right there with you on Peyton Hillis and Brandon Lloyd.

    Hillis has been a stud since the days he started in Denver. The Broncos were morons for dealing him for Brady Quinn. I bet he takes that job from Jerome Harrison completely.

    Lloyd has always had talent, but it seemed as if he was never given much of a chance in San Fran, Washington or Chicago… Oh ya, he never played in a pass-heavy offense with a QB who can get the ball down-field either. Yes, I know Kyle Orton was in Chicago when Lloyd was, but that was a much different style of offense… It appears as If McDaniels has converted Orton into a solid passing NFL QB.

  • My big dilemma this week – Jets D vs. Bills or Chargers D vs. Arizona.

    Tom: I don’t like the trade. Vick is No. 2 QB in our league and is a threat running AND passing. Bradshaw’s also having a really good year. Turner’s too much of an injury risk. That’s just my take.

  • Tom – I agree with jason

    Jason – Jets. Arizona has many more weapons.

  • That's how I have it right now. Something about Chargers being at home though makes it compelling.

  • Jason – Jets D

    Tom – Honestly, horrible trade! Turner is one of my 2010 BUST. Bradshaw will have a better season than Turner. I agree with trading Vick while his value is high, but you sold both of them cheap for an injury prone RB who has a young backup right behind him.

    Travis – I'm on the fence on Lloyd until he puts some games together, but with no real #1 WR in Denver he has a chance to shine. Hillis has been a big surprise so far fantasy wise. Many owners drafted Harrison as a #2 or #3 RB and he has been useless for them. The owners who got Hillis off waivers are the real geniuses.

  • ouch. seems everyone hates my trade. oh well i dont trust bradshaw, and i needed to get rid of vick. hopefully it doesnt come back to haunt me. my lineup's pretty solid though:

    QB- Brady

    RB- Mendenhall

    RB- Turner

    WR- Boldin

    WR- B Marshall

    WR- M Wallace

    TE- T Gonzalez

    K- Kaeding

    DEF- NYJ (backup is KC)

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