Week 16: It Has Been a Good Season

Man it has been a good season so far.  The Kansas City Chiefs are in the playoff hunt and my beloved Beantown Banana Slugs are in the Championship game in my fantasy league.  My predictions of the Chiefs fantasy numbers may have been off all season, but being in the championship game in the only league I play in validates my knowledge of fantasy football. 

This week you are either in the semifinals, finals or out of it completely.  For those of you still playing and own a member of the Chiefs I can only suggest starting Dwayne Bowe or Jamaal Charles.  All other Chiefs should not be used this week for a game that is too important.  There really isn’t anything left to say this week except good luck and happy playing.  I hope everyone has a great Holiday.

Week 16 projections for your Kansas City Chiefs:


Matt Cassel: 240 yards, 1 TD

Jamaal Charles: 105 yards, 1 TD, 4 catches 35 yards

Thomas Jones: 55 yards, 1 TD, 2 catch 15 yards

Dwayne Bowe: 6 catches 90 yards, 1 TD

Tony Moeaki: 4 catches 45 yards

Ryan Succop: 3/3 XP 1/1 FG

Special Teams/Defense: 2 sacks, 1 INT, 17 points allowed

Around the League



QB: Matt Schaub, Josh Freeman and David Garrard

RB: Ryan Torain, LeGarrette Blount and Felix Jones

WR: DeSean Jackson, Vincent Jackson and Santana Moss

TE: Kevin Boss, Chris Cooley and Owen Daniels

K: Josh Brown, Neil Rackers and Shaun Suisham

Defense: Eagles, Chargers and Ravens


QB: Jay Cutler, Eli Manning and Matt Hasselbeck

RB: Matt Forte, Jonathon Stewart and LaDainian Tomlinson

WR: Chad Ochocinco, Hines Ward and Sidney Rice

TE: Dustin Keller, Ben Watson and Brent Celek

K: Nick Folk, Lawrence Tynes and Garrett Hartley

Defense: Falcons, Vikings and Raiders

No mailbag questions came in this week so I hope to get some questions in the comments below.

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  • So I read yesterday that Larry Fitzgerald is nearing the end of his contract in Arizona and speculation that he might seek “greener pastures.” Haley seems to prefer to develop our own players, and I’m cool with that; but who wouldn’t want a Haley-Fitgerald reunion in K.C? This would give us a true number 1 receiver and I think that no one would benefit more from the acquisition than Dewayne Bowe. This would immediately upgrade our recieving corps into the elite status by giving us our own v-jax type receiver. What do you guys think?

  • I think this would be incredible. Can you imagine an offense with names like Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, Matt Cassel, Dwayne Bowe, Larry Fitzgerald, Tony Moeaki, Dexter McCluster!?!?? with a defense that is emerging?!?!?! wow. Look out!

  • What do you think Brandon, my dad’s fantasy championship – Rodgers or Garrard?

  • also, I need 2 WR and a flex out of:

    Bowe, Nicks, S.Moss, R.Brown, B.Lloyd, Branch, Green-Ellis

  • Fitz would never come here.


    Nicks, Moss and Green-Ellis

  • I think that fitz would come here because he and D-Bowe are friends and he knows that we’re a team on the move; whereas AZ is going nowhere. He already said that he would love to work with Haley again, and credits him for the quality receiver he has become. I’m curious as to why, (Brandon) you think he wouldn’t take this Golden opportunity? The only obstacle I really see is the possibility that AZ won’t deal him.

  • yeah tell me why fitz wouldn’t come here?

    He wants out, Haley is the perfect connection. You might say AZ wont deal him but they have to know that he is likely out when his contract is up after next season, so they are going to be looking to get some value out of him. I see KC as the perfect fit for Larry

  • imagine it, Fitz drawing the oppositions’ number 1 in coverage. ( a battle he can win probably 85-90% of the time. This wil Consistenly put D-Bowe on the other teams number two corner(always a mismatch.) even if they brought in safety help that would free up DMC or Moeaki. This could be a very scary pass offense next season. I’m curious as to how they’ll approach the draft. Because if I were Pioli I would be more inclined to take a proven player like Fitz, than one of the guys coming out of the draft. A second round pick would be great compensation for AZ but I’d even trade the 1st for Fitz because it’ll likely be a late pick anyway.

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