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Blowoff, Bench, or Bargain: Week 2

Blow off, Bench, or Bargain

Is there anything worse in fantasy football than losing a game because a player in your lineup under-performs and scores few to no (sorry Collie owners) fantasy points? The answer, yes, losing a second game due to a rash decision based on a player’s poor numbers in the previous week. Week 1 saw disappointing fantasy performances from early draft day studs such as Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Frank Gore, Roddy White, Larry Fitzgerald, and so on. While the perennial fantasy studs on this list don’t warrant start or sit discussions (don’t over-think it, you drafted them early for a reason, get em in your lineup), other players of lesser talents in lower tiers do.

Blow offs: Ignore these players disappointing week 1 fantasy score and don’t be afraid to start them.

LeGarrett Blount, RB, Buccaneers – 5 rushes for 15 yards….really? Listen, the Bucs got down early against Detroit and we saw the downside of drafting RBs that don’t catch the ball. Blount will bounce back! Just listen to head Coach Raheem Morris, “We want to win games with Blount bludgeoning you for 130 yards”.

Shonn Greene, RB, Jets – Sunday night game turned into a shootout for the Jets because that was the Cowboys’ weakness. The next couple weeks the Jets play Jacksonville and Oakland. In Both games the Jets should be playing with a lead and will look to establish the run game.

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs – Was it the light preseason workouts that was to blame for a 2 reception 17 yard performance by Bowe in week 1? Maybe, but I’d lean more towards the fact that Cassel was horrendous. So was the whole Chiefs team for that matter! I’m not fond of Cassel (you’ll see below) but his injury probably did effect his performance and did cut into the amount of time he had with the offense in an already shortened preseason. Too much talent to sit Bowe quite yet, but the Chiefs better come around.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Eagles – Maclin’s health situation forced him to miss the entire preseason so a down week wasn’t a shocker. Look for Maclin to be more involved in an explosive Eagle offense going forward.

Owen Daniels, TE, Texans – Don’t be overly concerned with Daniels 2 targets and 1 catch in week 1. The Texans started running the clock out in the 3rd quarter in their blowout win over Indy.

Bench: Pretty self explanatory but these are player’s I am benching and taking a wait and see approach.

Zach Miller, TE, Seahawks – Could the Seahawks possibly be a worse situation for Miller than the Raiders were? Miller is talented but until Seattle proves they can take advantage of the mismatches he causes by getting him the ball (targeted only 4 times in week 1), he is in the familiar situation of being an unreliable fantasy option due to the talent, or lack there of, around him.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seahawks – I could have saved myself some typing and just put “Bench all Seahawks” above. Seriously, O-Line is a joke, Lynch doesn’t even have a chance to get going.

Pierre Thomas, RB, Saints– Ingram is the goal-line back and Sproles is the pass catching back. Even in an explosive That really limits Pierre potential every week.

Ryan Grant, RB, Packers – Starks is slowly taking over the Packers backfield and Grant may gradually be phased out of the offense more than he already has been. Starks outnumbered Grant in carries 12-9 in week 1.

Austin Collie, WR, Colts – If the goose egg Collie put up in Week 1 wasn’t a strong enough case to bench Collie, Collins total lack of ability to run the Colts offense is. While the Colts will be playing from behind often it is tough to recommend any component of that passing game other than Wayne at this point.

Bargain: Players that have struggled that you should be targeting via trade. DO NOT SELL YOUR PLAYERS LOW!

Mark Ingram, RB, Saints – Game on the line and the Saints trusted Ingram enough to put the game in his hands. Sure he got stuffed, but the play was telegraphed and uncreative. Ingram received more carries than Thomas in week 1 and is the unquestioned goal-line back in an offense that will provide plenty of scoring opportunities.

Lee Evans, WR, Ravens – Evans will have a fantasy impact over the course of this season and you might be able to get him now cheap then stash him on your bench until he is healthy.

Chad Ochocinco, WR, Patriots – While Ocho didn’t have much of an impact in the Patriots week 1 aerial assault on the Dolphins, Chad is taking way too much criticism for his debut performance. While some will consider him a bust way too early, he has yet to grasp the Patriots offense. Like Lee Evans mentioned above, he is an acquire and stash candidate at this point but will have an fantasy impact as he is integrated into the Pats offense.

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  • Thanks for the guest post!

    Sure hope you’re right about Greene… I reluctantly drafted him in 2 of my 3 leagues.

    I think you’re right about all Seahawks… And people keep offering me Sidney Rice now they have seen this offense at work. I wonder if Rice thought, “Fuck… I just got away from this turd when I left Minnesota,” after Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson.

  • Thank You, for the guest spot. I hope you enjoyed the article.

    The Seahawks just confused the hell out of me in the offseason by addressing receivers and tight ends and not their most desperate need of QB. They are still confusing me because Whitehurst gives them the best opportunity to win and may be there future, yet, they will continue to roll Jackson out every week instead of admitting their mistake.

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