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Percy Harvin Scores Again

The NFL Friday Five

Nine-to-fivers, your weekend starts now. Let’s get it done right with the NFL Friday Five.

1. The NFL is all about streaks. Who’s hot, who’s not, and who will keep doing what they are bound to do. Few quarterbacks will ever be as consistent as

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Like No Other Raiders Week

What a weekend! I got to watch Andrew Luck take on my Huskies, the World Series and, now, I will see a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders at the Black Hole. It sounds like we will not know if Carson

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brandon carr pick

Time For The Chiefs To Take Their Opportunity To Dominate The Colts

I say “Kansas City Chiefs fans, are you ready for some football?” Hank Williams Jr. says “OH YEAH!”

Despite my seat on the “Suck for Luck” bandwagon, I have to say that the Chiefs played a good game against the Minnesota Vikings and were

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Curtis Painter v. Buccaneers 2011 week 4

Kansas City Chiefs Beat the Minnesota Vikings!

Here we go again, Le’Ron McClain now talking 5-3, Chiefs fans thinking Matt Cassel is “The Guy,”  Todd Haley is a great coach for the way he brought out the good in Cassel.

The truth is the Chiefs are still as bad as 3 days

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Ryan Succop 5 field goals vs. Vikings 2011 week 4

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

How ‘bout those Chiefs?

This was a huge win for this struggling Chiefs team. Matt Cassel looked excellent in the second half. Todd Haley got his team all on the same page. Everything seemed to click pretty well over the course of the game. Sure,

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Jared Allen Sacks Matthew Stafford Week 3 2011

5 Reasons the Vikings could beat the Chiefs

Week 3 in San Diego was exteremely deflating for Chiefs fans. While the Chargers never trailed in the game, the Cheifs found themselves with a solid opportunity to drive 66 yards with 1:24 remaining, score a touchdown and win the game.

At that point, even

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Best Opportunity For A Win So Far This Season

Better, but still bad was the Chiefs effort last Sunday. Today, the Minnesota Vikings come to town. Can the Chiefs get their first win? Read and find out why they probably won’t. Also, more Suck For Luck substantiation and a prediction you should bet nothing on.

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Matthew Stafford v. Vikings week 3 2011

Thoughts from a Vikings Fan on the Match-up against the Chiefs

You know, this should be a big game. It really should be. And there should be everything that comes with it- the insulting nicknames for the other teams, the vitriolic amongst fans, the bad jokes, the ritual slaughtering of goats… oh wait, only Packers

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Eric Weddle intercepts Matt Cassel week 3 2011

#Suck4Luck Campaign Needs to End

Chiefs fans,

Have you given up all hope already? Have you already jumped ship and lost all hope in this season? As a true Chiefs fan, I have yet to give up hope. Sure, the Chiefs are 0-3. So are the Dolphins, Rams, and Vikings, and

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Chiefs Look To Avoid Getting Stuck With The Bill

Football Is Back:  The Kansas City Chiefs are once again underrated by the national pundits and experts. Last year, they proved to be wrong as the Chiefs won 10 games and hosted a playoff game. This year, the pundits might be right and I might

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