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NFL Power Rankings

One of the great things about college football is the rankings.  Every week the fans get to see who the top 25 teams are and teams always know where they stand.  While there are some major flaws in the system, for example, the influence preseason

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Different Raiders Same Problems!

Raiders started the game Off with a Great Drive that ended in the Redzone with a Fumble! and thats where  all the Troubles started. Penalty after Penalty after Penalty!

Oakland Defense Looked Good but were the Cause of the  Out of Sync performance! 2 CRUCIAL

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Bills Fred Jackson out 3-4 weeks but dont fear

The Buffalo Bills have Lost Fred Jackson for a month,  after injuring his right knee in the loss to the New York Jets. Looked worse than it was. I thought he was done and his ACL was gone!

But it is not really a Bad

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Top NFL Rivalries of 2012

One of the reasons that the National Football League (NFL) is considered the most popular team sport in the United States is because of its rabid fan base. With only sixteen games on their schedules, a few bad games can push a team out of

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Peyton Manning and 7 other NFL franchise QBs who have been kicked to the curb

The biggest news of this off-season in the NFL has been the release and resulting free-agency frenzy of Peyton Manning. The Indianapolis Colts, facing salary cap issues as well as a concern about the direction of the team, released the future Hall-of-Famer. This left Colts

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Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

3 Reasons Chiefs should NOT Draft Luke Kuechly and more on the 2012 NFL Draft

With the 2012 NFL Draft growing closer and closer, many members of the Kansas City sports media and fans alike are excited about the possible #11 overall draft pick of Luke Kuechly.

Kuechly, a six foot three inch, 242 pound linebacker from Boston College seems

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2012 NFL Mock Draft

Here is my Mock Draft before the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. This post includes all of the first round and each of the Chiefs first 5 picks.

Bring it on…

#1 Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

No brainer here. Personally, I think Robert Griffin III

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NOT Your Typical Mock Draft

The NFL draft is right around the corner.  By now I’m sure you have had your fill of countless mock drafts.  I wanted to do something a little bit different.  As most NFL fans know, they can certainly do a better job running their favorite

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2011-2012 NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs are upon us. Our Kansas City Chiefs will be watching from their couches with the rest of us. A disappointment? Maybe. If you were one of the few, like me, who picked the Chiefs to win 10 games and represent the AFC West in

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Chiefs VS. Broncos II: Random Ramblings

It has been almost a week since the Kansas City Chiefs cut out our hearts and ruined Christmas by losing to the Oakland Raiders in overtime. Is it just me or do the Raiders always go deep on the first play in overtime whenever they

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