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NFL Parlay Week 16: Chiefs, Packers, Steelers

Another week, another loss. Thanks for beating the Packers, Chiefs! No, really! I will take a win from my team over winning a $20 parlay, especially when they still have a playoffs shot… Just Barely!

My one

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Happy holidays as Christmas is almost here and there could be some HUGE presents for some teams this year.  There are so many different scenarios just don’t know what ones to talk about. So lets focus on our Chiefs. Chiefs only need Broncos to lose, Chargers to

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Week 15 NFL: Against the Spread

The Rest of the NFL Against the Spread… Check out my week 15 parlay.


  • New York Giants -5 1/2: 88% of bettors like the Giants over the Redskins. I see no reason to go

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NFL Week 15

NFL week 15 and almost the end of the regular season and it is going to come down to the wire. This week has a few good game, my personal favorite of the week its the Denver Tebows vs New England Patriots. Tom Brady one

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NFL Parlay Week 15: Packers, Saints, Bengals

Another week, another loss. Another week with the Kansas City Chiefs getting blown out. Not looking good to recoup my money in the regular season. Still going to give it a try!

My one rule – I

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NFL Parlay Week 14: Chiefs, Saints, Patriots

My week 13 attempt at a win ended with a thud. Riding high from the noon games, where the Chiefs not only covered the spread, but won the game and the Colts covered in garbage time… I

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NFL playoffs are right around the corner, how is your team doing? How can the last few weeks really change the way you bet? Many different things can effect games now. Huge example is if the team has clinched the playoffs already by week 15

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Beanie Wells, Arizona Cardinals

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 13

Here are my last minute picks against the spread for week 13.


  • Chiefs -8 1/2
  • Raiders +3
  • Bengals +7
  • Jets -3
  • Falcons -1 1/2
  • Panthers -2
  • Broncos +1 1/2
  • Colts +20
  • Ravens -7
  • Rams +14
  • Cowboys -4
  • Packers -7
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Already NFL week 13, what a great season it has been so far. The Green Bay Packers have been running everyone over and is 11-0 looking to hit a perfect 16-0. In the NFC the New Orleans Saints have been looking excellent, The 49ers have won

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NFL Parlay Week 13: Chiefs, Packers, Colts

Doubly bad in week 12, the Chiefs lost, but did cover the spread… Meaning another loss in my weekly parlay.

My one rule – I MUST use the Chiefs in the NFL parlay.

As always, I am

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