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Different Raiders Same Problems!

Raiders started the game Off with a Great Drive that ended in the Redzone with a Fumble! and thats where  all the Troubles started. Penalty after Penalty after Penalty!

Oakland Defense Looked Good but were the Cause of the  Out of Sync performance! 2 CRUCIAL

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Bills Fred Jackson out 3-4 weeks but dont fear

The Buffalo Bills have Lost Fred Jackson for a month,  after injuring his right knee in the loss to the New York Jets. Looked worse than it was. I thought he was done and his ACL was gone!

But it is not really a Bad

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cassell on his assell

Speak Up Chiefs Fans!!! No means No!

Well sorry Chiefs fans but, Looks like its going to be another one of those “wait till next year” seasons.  After  a nice home BUTT whooopin handed in Arrowhead, Reality sets in. What exactly have the Chiefs done to get better?

MATT CASSEL is Chiefs number

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If Cassel had Started the score would’ve been..

If Matt Cassel would have started Monday nights Game in Foxborough, The score would have been 34-0. Maybe even 41-0 , the chiefs would have punted a little more

Tyler Palko played just as expected, He moved the ball downfield, He mad many nice passes,

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Coach Todd Haley is at full blame!

First you had your preseason strategy. Fail! While 31 other teams treated the preseason like they have since preseason has been around. Todd haley thought he would invent a new way about going at the preseason.. Strike one.

Next you have your 0-3 start and

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VM 2

Matt Cassel Out Indefinitely! might Be a good thing!

Matt Cassel Will undergo surgery on his hand and will most Likely miss the remainder of the season.  After getting knocked down for the umpteenth time by Von Miller. Matt Cassel landed on his hand wrong and suffered  what coach Todd Haley Called a “significant

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Raiders got TebowD in the Mouth in Oakland!

After getting beat by the Awful Kansas City Chiefs, The Oakland Raiders thought they would sleep walk through the Denver Broncos. Instead, Tim Tebow’s rushing and passing, and the great rushing game of  Willis McGahee put a stop to the Raiders. Granted, the Raiders are still

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Why is everyone surprised that the Chiefs Lost?

Kansas City Chiefs lost because the Miami Dolphins was a team that is hungry and are not as bad as their record shows.

Which is the opposite for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have beaten some Bad teams. They are not as good as their record

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Brandon Lloyd celebrates big play Denver Broncos

Win Win For Denver Broncos and St. Louis Rams in Brandon Lloyd trade

While the St. Louis Rams are getting a Pro Bowl WR Brandon Lloyd on the cheap. The Denver Broncos are getting something  now instead of nothing in a couple months when Lloyd’s contract is up.

Neither teams are Super Bowl bound, so this trade will

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