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Brandon Marshall

A Chief concern against the Dolphins

You don’t have to think back very far to when the Kansas City Chiefs were on the brink of disaster after starting 0-3 and getting outscored 109-27.  Some of the concerns that people were looking at was the fact that in the preseason Todd Haley

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5 game gauntlet

With a victory last Monday night against San Diego the Kansas City Chiefs now stand at 4-3 and tied for the division lead.  The next two weeks on their schedule show 2 teams with a combined 2-12 record.  So 6-3 is not at all out

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The way the west was won

Over the past few seasons the AFC West has been regarded as one of the leagues weakest divisions and for good reason.  But that does not stop fans of AFC West teams from being excited about the 3 way race atop the division.  The Chiefs,

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There is no suck for Luck

Since the time that Andrew Luck entered his senior season at Stanford the NFL fans have already been thinking about the possibility of who might acquire this phenomenal Quarterback in next years draft.  Thus the “Suck for Luck” campaign has begun.  Through the first half

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Wild Wild West

After 7 weeks of NFL action things have tightened up in the race for the top spot in the AFC West.  The San Diego Chargers hold on to a slight lead with a 4-2 record heading into Week 8.  They are followed by a 4-3

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Tim Tebow Throwing pass

Will Tim Tebow succeed in Denver?

Tim Tebow has found himself in a interesting yet familiar situation since he was selected in the first round by Josh McDaniels.  Tim has faced many critics and skeptics along the way to finding himself, as of this Sunday, the starting quarterback for the Denver

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